Girl Returned

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Leoni's POV
It seemed like I had been floating in my own personal sensory deprivation tank now for the longest of times... it was strangely pleasant but I was increasingly feeling restless and like I was missing someone... or hearing a familiar voice... I loved the sound of that voice... who could it belong to I wondered in my hazy floaty state...

Without warning, and like someone had suddenly popped the bubble I had been serenely floating in... I was surrounded by colours, textures, emotions, sounds, memories...

I felt a burst of energy and light. It was now like I was spinning - like I was spinning down the plug hole of the bath. I remembered that I was a werewolf as my wolf Storm (what a Cool name I thought, still hazy and spinning...) spoke to me.

'Leoni. You Need to wake up. It is time. Our mate is with us. You are safe.'

Ah yes... my name was 'Leoni'... that was an okay name I guessed... though I thought as I span that I'd much prefer to be called something fun like 'Sugarplum' or 'Sunflower'... I felt like I was giggling but no sound came out... this was a strange place indeed.

I felt a tingling, dizzy feeling... like sparks... in my hand? Why did it feel so familiar? Why did I like it so much?? And why did I feel confused, fearful and sad all of a sudden? Oh but that Voice... I had been hearing it for a long time whilst I had been in this place. It filled my soul with love and a sense of completeness.

And as if by magic, the voice spoke again... 'Leoni... sweetheart, I am here my love... come back to me... I love you more than words...'

I knew I needed to get to that voice. I opened my eyes... why had they been closed?


The next moment, or maybe it was the same one, I couldn't seem to tell, I was engulfed in the most gorgeous scent... chocolate and baking pastry... wow! But I knew that scent, it was Logan. My Logan. My mate! Wait... my husband?!

"Logan... did we get married?" My voice was scratchy and I felt so groggy. Was I speaking English? He seemed to understand me at any rate as he answered swiftly.

"Yes, yes my love. We did. It was beautiful. YOU were beautiful... you ARE beautiful. My little wife... I am so happy to have you back with me sweetheart!"

Goddess... his voice was like melted chocolate and just heavenly. I looked up into his amazing bronze eyes and couldn't help but smile. I knew I loved him. I felt confused about so much right now... but I KNEW I loved him. Where he touched my skin amazing little sparks were fizzing. Wait... I knew who he was. He was my Logan... my Alpha... my everything.

"I love you Logan..." I whispered with my dry voice. He asked someone else in the room if he could give me water before helping me to a few precious sips of wonderful cold water.

"Thank you... you are my Alpha... and my mate... and my husband..." I spoke more to get things clearer in my head. I felt like the pieces of a jigsaw were slotting into place in my jumbled mind.

"I love you too my little Leoni... I am indeed all of those things, my love. How are you feeling?" His eyes stared into mine - these were eyes I could get lost in... and then I remembered all the times I Had got lost in them... the eyes of my mate.

Focusing on his question, I paused to think... "I feel... confused... where am I? And why am I here Logan?"

Concern flashed across his face before he masked it with a smile.

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