Chapter 9 - My Shadow's Over You

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Somewhere among the stars . . .

Tarn slowly examined the scene before him, taking in the shouts of his surroundings. Black Shadow was screaming in agony, though Tarn thought it was useless to scream when no one cared that you were in pain. Behind his mask there was a large, twisted grin, happily enjoying the yells of hurt.

At least Tarn could be extremely glad about one thing; that mech was paying the price. Black Shadow. Hand picked by Megatron to be given a torturous upgrade that would transform him into an unstoppable super warrior. Fused with ununtrium that made him nearly indestructible, he became a part of a team called the Warriors Elite, where you worked faithfully along side of Sixshot and Overlord. He grew notorious and feared because of his skills, but there was one fatal flaw in his legacy.

If there was anything he cared more about than loyalty, it was wealth. He accepted half a billion Shanix from the Autobots in exchange for turning on the Decepticons' fleet of War Worlds. Unfortunately for him - but not unfortunate for Tarn - news of his harsh betrayal reached the audio receptors of the cruelest sadists of all; the Decepticon Justice Division.

"Erm, Tarn?"

The masked Decepticon was snapped away from his focused thoughts, and looked up to see his teammate Helex looking down at him.

"I think he's still alive," Helex said, pointing to Black Shadow, who was strapped in to what looked like an electric wheelchair.

Tarn scowled as he at the Decepticon traitor. He stood in front of him, his vision down in a squint. He hated those who turned their backs on their own kind; abandoners, to put it simply. There were far too many in the world for his taste, therefore they had to be exterminated. They had little use for the galaxy.

"Kaon, give him one last jolt and let him go," Tarn said.

Electricity sparked around Black Shadow and the traitor yelled in agony, feeling the violent volts crisp his wounds and strike through the little energon he had left. Black Shadow was released and clashed to the ground, forcing up what energon had moved to his throat.

A delightful symphony of sweet music entered the macabre scene, and the direly injured Decepticon saw a dark silhouette fall over him, only to look up at the red optics of Tarn, realizing the loyal Decepticon was releasing the music.

Tarn crouched down, and Black Shadow forced himself to look up. He knew what the leader of the Decepticon Justice Division was capable of, and the fear tugged away at his small spark.

"Just get it over with," Black Shadow technically begged, forcing himself up with his sore arms.

"I don't think you know how this goes," Tarn said. "I play the music, and, wen it stops. I promise the pain will be over." He let go a string of evil laughter. "Do you know who we are?"

Black Shadow gave a pained nod.

"We hunt down Decepticons that turn their back on Megatron and the cause. Hurt them in the most horrendous ways. Now that you were partially melted by Helex, and only partially grinded by Tesarus, I but you're wondering what their leader can do."

Black Shadow shook his head, but the purple Decepticon in front of him simple ignored it.

"I could go on, but haven't you noticed?" Tarn asked. "The music has stopped. Is that significant? Why, yes! Yes it is! You see, I have this thing. It's called 'Weaponized Conversation'. Meaning I can talk someone to death." His voice suddenly lower into a whisper. "And they said if I lower my voice like this, I can coax the spark in to giving out. That's what I say. What do you say?"

Black Shadow felt his spark shake, its beat stopping ever so slowly as it tried its best to continue.

"I'm so sorry . . . " Black Shadow droaned out, releasing a yell of pain.

"Stand back everyone!" Tarn ordered, retreating from the area quickly. "Phase Sixers have a tendency to go - "

Black Shadow lit up and suddenly exploded, an aftershock nearly knocking him off his feet.

Tarn sighed, "Too bad I couldn't collect his T-Cog. Kaon, keep scanning for Overlord's energy signal."

"Bored," a mech with a red 'X' on his face - whose name was Tesarus - said. "Now who's next on The List?"

"A very certain K-Class," Tarn replied. "I already promise The Legion a shot at someone else."

Vos, the smallest of the D.J.D., said something in Old Cybertronian, though Tarn understood it perfectly.

"What did he do?" Tarn asked. "He lived, Vos. He lived."

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