35// Tori

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I kept my eyes on Marcus and the gun in his hand, has he walks around the small room we're all trapped in.

Officer Murphy also keep his eyes on his brother, no one says anything. I catch Officer Murphy's eyes flicker to me for a small second, he shakes his head at me. His eyes tell me, to let him do all of the talking here.

"Marcus....brother I need you to put that gun down. And then I need you to let us go" He gently approaches his brother; Marcus stops pacing the room and turns to him.

For a second, he just looks at his brother, a look flashes through his eyes but then he just bursts out laughing.

"I can't do that, you know that Miles. If I do you will play the Hero, take me to jail where I will rot, and I won't see her again.....I can't do that, she belongs to me" He argus with a smirk.

Narrowing my eyes at the asshole in-front of me, yeah, he may be a psycho but he's asshole if he thinks I belong to him. I don't belong to nobody....I am my own person, the only person I belong to is myself and I chose who I give myself and my heart too.

"She doesn't though....I understand that you care for Tori and that's okay. But you can't keep her here with you, it's not right you know this Marcus"

"No Miles....You don't understand, she was meant to be mine years ago, but then she was just gone, and my head got fuzzy but when I saw her again, I knew that she had to be mine again....that I needed her here with me"

Biting my tongue, ready to tell this guy to get on and kill me already because I will never be his, but then my thoughts go to the people who I love, and I need to fight and stay alive in order to get back to them.

"I know you're head gets fuzzy remember it did with Kennedy but then we got you help, and you were much better....we can do that again...get you help" Officer Murphy pleads with him. 

"I don't need help; I have all I need now....I have her finally. After everything I've done to get her here, I won't give her up"

"Marcus listen to me; her boyfriend is a detective he is going to find her. And when they do you could get hurt, I don't want that because you are my family. So please just put the gun down and let us go and I can talk to the police on your behalf when they get here" Miles tries to talk him down.

Watching Marcus body language, the way he talks, he won't let us go. I know that from that cold look his eyes.

"No he means nothing to her.....she isn't his to have. I should have killed him..." He mutters to himself; I see him losing control at the mention of Derek.

That rattles him, I could use that because Officer Murphy is not getting anywhere with him and we're running out of time.

"Forget about Tori and forget about who is in her life...how about you and me we just leave....you uncuff me and we just drive, and we don't stop"

Narrowing my eye towards officer Murphy, unsure if he's just saying whatever he has to, towards his brother to get him to stand down or if he really is trying to get him to flee with him.

I watch as Marcus paces up and down still, the gun shaking in his hand.

"Yeah...let's do that....but she comes with us" he stopped pacing and turned on his heels, so he was looking right at me.

"She can't Marcus it's not possible. She's a missing person, they won't stop looking for her, we won't make it if she comes with us"

"No....she can call the police and tell them that she went willingly"

Over my dead body....I thought to myself.

"It doesn't work like that, trust me I'm a police officer I know how these things work" Murphy says trying to regain the control on the conversation with his brother.

Marcus starts to pace again, the sweat rolling down his forehead, his breathing becoming heavy, he's losing control and he knows it, which makes him dangerous.

So, either Murphy has to get him to calm down or he needs to shut up before he gets us both killed.

"No...no....your lying. You're trying to confuse me...you're trying to manipulate me" He mumbles.

Murphy moves as closer as he could chained to a wall, facing his brother.

"I'm not...I promise I just want to keep you safe, protect you because you are my brother" Murphy says calmly.

Marcus stops in his tracks and stands still, holding his brother's gaze for a second.

And before I could react Marcus chargers forward, rises the gun, pointing it at Officer's Murphy's head...then I hear the bang and my ears ring.

Watching in shock as Officer Murphy body goes limp and blood hits the wall behind him.

Letting out a unfamiliar sound of terror, a whimper forms in the back of my throat but I'm in too much shock to release it.

Marcus takes one more look at his brother's body and then turns around to look at me, with a smile on his lips.

"He talked to much...don't you think?" He chuckles and then walks out of the room, leaving me alone with Officer's Murphy's dead body right in-front of me.

Letting the tears fall with so much force, trying to catch my breath and trying to breathe through my sobs.

He shot his own brother in the head without even blinking. And then he smiled and walked away like it was nothing....who the fuck is this psycho?

This can't be happening...

What do I do?

Derek...where are you.

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