I Am Here My Love

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Logan's POV
The days after the wedding and the attack saw me rarely away from my Luna's side. Mel was doing all sorts of tests every few hours and although Leoni was not well enough to be woken I took comfort from our bond. It felt strong and healthy again, the sparks buzzed around my fingertips when I stroked her beautiful skin and I hoped Mel was right in saying that our bond would be helping her heal.

I would mostly sit beside her, holding her hand and talking to her. I told her how much I loved her often, I told her what little Atticus was up to and I even took to reading her some of my favourite stories from my childhood books. It comforted me to be doing something and I hoped it somehow comforted her also. Otis still couldn't feel Storm but like myself he seemed less anxious now that he could see our Luna stable and her condition not worsening at least.

When I needed to leave to shower or eat I linked my mother, Sophia or Carly to come and sit with her. I mostly slept on the large hospital chair beside Leoni's bed, breathing in her scent and staring at her beautiful face until my eyes fell closed through exhaustion.

Felicity had been discharged from the hospital after one day and her parents had come to me crying with gratitude for seeking out the truth before simply having her executed. I told them it would be well advised for Felicity to keep a low profile for the moment, as there was still a deep suspicion surrounding her within the pack. I was also not happy for her to see Leoni as although I had satisfied myself that she was innocent, as far as my sweet little mate was concerned this was the girl who had stabbed her. I couldn't bear the thought of her being aware of Felicity in the room and feeling afraid.

It was five days after the attack and I had linked my mother to come to the hospital to sit with Leoni - she had appeared with a pile of magazines and her plan was to read all of the celebrity gossip to my mate. I chuckled as I was fairly sure Leoni would hate that if she were awake but perhaps she might be forced to speed up her recovery, if only to escape the endless readings from Elle or Cosmopolitan...

I left the ward and hurriedly went to the cabin for a shower and a change of clothes, linking my father and Austin on the way to ask for a pack status report. All seemed to be well. My father also informed me that a transfer to our nearby ally pack, Purple Moon Pack based near to the Rockies, had been successfully negotiated for Maxine. She would be leaving the next morning. This was pleasing news. Our ally would be given the full story and she would be denounced by our pack later today, making way for her to take the oath of allegiance to her new pack tomorrow. This she must do and would do, the only alternative was for her to become a rogue.

After my shower I threw on a pair of dark jeans and a black tshirt before making my way swiftly back to to hospital. This journey was becoming almost like a routine but it was a routine I wished would come to an end, I longed for my little mate to wake up so that I could shower her with affection and hold her in my arms all night long. I longed to take her on the honeymoon I had planned for us, to see her face light up with each new surprise and I would be lying if I denied that I also badly longed to make love to her once again.

Once in the Packhouse I swung by the kitchen to grab a sandwich before taking the stairs two at a time back to my wife's side. As I entered the room I heard the flick of a page and my mother saying something about "that's what Brad gets if he takes a chosen mate..."

She looked up as I moved into the space and smiled. "She is the same. My sweet boy, you look worn out."

I nodded, I was worn out. Even the sleep I was managing to achieve on the chair wasn't as deep a sleep as what I had become used to with Leoni snuggled into me all night.

My mother stood and moved to put her arms around me, I suspected that she was using her mood influencing powers as I felt a rose tinted balm move across my senses, it was calming and soothing.

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