Chapter 13

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"ADAM!" I yelled, grabbing my jacket and running down the stairs.
"I'M LIVESTREAMING!" He yelled back.
I heard him scrambling out of his chair in his office. He was saying something to the microphone, probably telling everyone to hang on a second or something like that.
"What do you mean?" He asked, meeting me at the bottom of the stairs.
I explained the situation to him, and he grabbed his jacket and yelled to the guys,
"Go stall the live stream! Just do random crap until I get back!" Adam exclaimed.
"Okay!" Ty yelled in reply.
"Come on, let's go!" I said to Adam.
We sprinted out the door as Jerome and Mitch kind of just stared at us like we were crazy people.
Adam and I just sprinted toward West Clarkson and Lillycove. We hoped we would be able to find Carter's phone and see what direction he went in.
"WAIT!" Quinton yelled, sprinting towards us.
We slowed down a little bit, letting Quinton catch up.
"Mitch and Jerome just saw you sprint out of the house like crazy people, and you left in the middle of a livestream. What's going on here?" Quinton asked, as we were all still jogging.
"No time to explain. Just tell the guys that if we're not back in an hour call the cops!" Adam yelled.
We started running again, leaving Quinton behind.
We found a phone on the ground, the screen cracked and looking in a really bad shape. We also saw a car across the street. We looked inside. It was my stuff!
"We gotta call the cops, now!" Adam said.
He got his phone out of his pocket and dialed 911.
"Hello, yes. We'd like to report a finding of stolen property. And a maybe kidnapping?" Adam said into the phone.
I took off running again. If there is even a chance that I can save that boy, I'll take it. I ran for about two more blocks, until I heard voices coming from an allyway.
"KID YOU BETTER GET BACK HERE NOW!" I heard the voice from the phone yell.
"HEY!" I yelled down the ally.
The crook look back at me and said,
"Oh look, it's sleeping beauty. Your stuff is gonna look great on the black market." He said.
I saw a teenager at the end of the allyway. I motioned for him to run, because he was just standing there in a daze. The crook looked back at the boy.
"Oh, so you want to protect the kid, huh?" He said.
He ran back to Carter and picked him up by the collar of his shirt.
"Let's see what happens if I do this." The criminal said.
He lifted his arm up to punch Carter in the face. Then, I heard police sirens. The criminal dropped Carter and ran off down the ally. The cops got out of the car and chased after him. Adam, looking winded, ran up to me.
"Oh good, your okay." He said, taking deep breaths.
He looked at Carter.
"Oh, hey. Is this Carter?" Adam asked.
The boy, looking like he was in a daze, nodded his head.
"What's wrong? Cat got your tongue?" I asked.
"Nothings wrong, it's just, I never expected to meet my two favorite Youtubers. Let alone be saved by them!" Carter exclaimed.
"Well, in reality, you saved me from having to buy new recording equipment, so I'd say we're even." I replied.
"I'm, like, starstruck right now." He said.
The police then came back with the crook in handcuffs. They loaded him into the car, and then the policewoman came up to me.
"You also reported finding your belongings in his vehicle?" She asked.
"Yes. I'll show you." I said.
I led her back to the car, and we sorted everything out with the police. Then, after they left, a van pulled up to a house across the street from the car. A woman emerged from it. She walked up to Carter.
"Are you ready to go?" She asked.
"Is this your mother, Carter?" I asked.
"Oh, no no. I'm his social worker. His parents died yesterday. I'm coming to take him away to the orphanage." The lady said.
"Yeah, they'll take me away unless anyone, and I mean ANYONE wants to take me in..." Carter said.
I knew what he was hinting. He wanted me to adopt him, like in the fan fictions.
"You know what," I said to the social worker.
"I'll take him in."

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