Speak No Evil

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Imelda's POV
I had elected to visit the pack hospital to see how Luna Leoni was doing when I was approached by the Beta. He requested that I join the Alpha in the pack jail, my stomach jolted, I had been expecting that my services would be needed... something about this attack felt very off. My intuition was rarely wrong, it may have been part of being a witch but I had found I had always been a good judge of situations since I was a small girl.

We had all witnessed the young she-wolf stabbing the Alpha's mate, I myself saw it, I saw the knife go in and the blood flowing down her chest but I was having difficulty making myself believe what I had seen. Yes, the Luna was struck and in the heart. I just had the nagging feeling that there was something I was missing. There were elements that didn't seem to fit... Firstly, I hadn't detected any ill intent from this girl Felicity, and more strange again was that the Luna herself had detected no negativity or cause for concern in her friend's aura. The Luna's gift for assessing intentions and the nature of the soul in a magical being was an incredibly powerful one and not one that could easily be hoodwinked. This white wolf had impressed me from the first moment I met her, such power in one so young and largely untrained.

I had been pleased to see the Luna was stable but it grieved me to see her still unconscious and so badly wounded. I had enacted some enchantments to try to stop any further damage being done and attempt to slow the blood flow in the immediate aftermath. After greeting the Alpha's mother and sister I set about enchanting the hospital room with protective enchantments and a healing spell. No magic could bring a werewolf or witch back from a stab wound to the heart but I thought I could at the very least give her wolf a helping hand. We had to have faith that her wolf would be able to bring her back to us. My heart felt heavy when I thought of the Alpha, I knew that the loss of a destined mate to an Alpha wolf was something most could not survive, the pain of losing a Luna was known to be so extreme. Especially if lost before her natural time ordained by the Goddess. I hoped for his sake and for that of his entire pack, the little Luna could pull through.

I would need to seek out rest very soon myself as my resources were running low after conducting so many spells in one day. I opened and shut the palm of my hand watching as my magic fizzed lazily between my fingers. My body and mind felt weary.

As the Beta made his request I nodded calmly and teleported without hesitation to where I felt Logan's presence to be. As I arrived the rancid stench of blood, sweat and defecation hit my nostrils making me gag. Recovering myself I stepped forward to face the Alpha - he looked fearsome as his power and a raw fury radiated off his huge frame.

His jaw looked tight with tension and he looked to me with none of the familiar mirth in his eyes.

"Thank you for everything you have done today, Imelda you have been more of a friend to this pack that we could have ever expected and done more than we could ever have asked."

He looked into my eyes, his bronze eyes now shining with sincerity and resolve.

I felt a similar determination as I responded, "Alpha Logan, let's get to the bottom of this horrible mess."

He gestured into a cell to our right and I stepped in cautiously. I could see a huddled form in the back corner that didn't move as we entered.

"YOU!!" Alpha Logan growled in his Alpha tone, as he made his way across the space and lifted the figure roughly by the upper arm - I saw then that is was the girl Felicity. He threw her onto the hard stained mattress which lay on the bench against the back wall, looking at her with a terrifying rage. He roughly ripped away the tape that had been covering her mouth and she gave a shriek half in pain and half in terror. I felt he was very much still in control, but he was a large Alpha wolf and he was seething.

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