They found my body the next morning. I watched from the corner of the room. I was sitting on the ornate chair that was in every room in this hotel. Weird, clawed feet, plush covering. This was five star, after all.

The maid discovered my body. She was bringing in the sheets, and BAM. Scream scream scream. The cops came and took my body away. I was still sitting in the chair. I was a ghost.

I'd been studying ghosts. In fact, I'd been here on a conference about them. Then that woman came into my room.I'd been dizzy, sick, drunk. But then every thing blurred. I remembered her wearing one of those Venetians masks. She'd kissed my lips gently. Then took a knife out. She'd laid me down on the bed.

She pressed the tip into my chest, drawing small amounts of blood.

'Now now Daniel, don't struggle and don't scream, your end will come sooner.' with that she'd pressed the knife into my skin, taking my life. She'd then wrapped my fingers around the blade. So it would look like a suicide.

Then she left. I didn't know who she was, or even what she looked like properly. But she was going to pay.

First because I was a ghost. Through my research I'd discovered there were around 1000 ghosts in the world. Most were ghosts by choice. Some had unfinished business. I had unfinished business.

Secondly, she killed me. I, Daniel Rathenbourne, was not one to kill. And make it look like a suicde at that. She was going to pay.

I knew a few more things about ghosts. And humans for that matter. Everyone has a soul twin. A soul twin is what some people might call a soul mate, but is a little bit different. You may never meet your soul twin. You may. If their lucky enough to be alive in your lifetime. If you don't meet them, but they're alive at the same time as you it gets complicated. If they happen to die and you don't meet them, it hurts. Like the ache in your chest after the girl you love breaks up with you. Everyone has low days. You know, the ones where you get fired, get splashed by a car and discover your credit card has expired? It feels worse then that. It feels like your soul has been ripped apart. If they die in a natrual disater you almost cry when you see the news. Apparently it's horrible.

But my soul twin is still alive. I looked down to my waist and as expected saw a slight golden thread, glowing slightly. I smirked. Every ghost had one, if their twin was still alive. You followed it to find your twin. They are they are the only person who can see you as a ghost.

With the police still pottering around, taking pictures and generally doing nothing I decided it was time to go. Walking through the window I jumped to the street below. My twin was somewhere in England if my research was correct, and first class seats don't stay empty for long.

When I finished walking to the airport and smuggled my self onto an aeroplane I settled into the first class seat that had remained empty through boarding. Although you couldn't tell I was there, it was incredibly comfortable and I settled in for the 10 hour flight ahead.

As the cabin lights dimmed and the air warmed up I smiled. Still being able to feel some things, like mwarmth and material, was a big bonus. I shut my eyes and pretened to sleep, as ghosts had no need.

Interrupting my deep state of meditation was a prodding.

Wait, Prodding?

I turned and saw a girl of about seven poking me.

'Why are you so cold mister?' She asked me.

I fell out of the aeroplane.


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