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The Life of Trevor McClintock

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Trevor McClintock is an Irish blog writer that became part of the crowds of London's 20-somethings out of an everlasting pursuit of developmental adventures and fusion dining. His social networking is the means by which he gathers minor tokens from his everyday life in an endeavour to produce a meaningful, unique story. Meaning it's a junkyard for his thoughts on stuff and, particularly, spaces and the individuals that inhabit them. There'll be a great deal of his images to be found too, a hobby created from a need to document sites of interest yet ultimately became a creature of its own. He is very interested in building his artistic side more and these photos are as a good a place to start as any.

The first steps Trevor McClintock ever took had been a tumble on the streets of Belfast which is likewise where his fascination with the way we create and comprehend culture first took hold. Many of the things mentioned above can be traced back to this passionate appreciation for Social Sciences. Hence, it was natural that his life journey eventually drove him to pursue a BA in [ Social Anthropology] in the town that reared him. Trevor likes to identify this for being the finest choice of his life and then dolefully stare into the sunset as experiences of his undergrad existence spark his memory. They are the type of memories that hardly felt as golden when they were actually taking place and involve chaos and sleepless study sessions and a sinking sensation of worry regarding his future profession.

The truth is, there wasn't any need to fret. It was not very long afterward that he bid farewell to one gorgeous landscape for another, rather less enthusiastic hill-rolling over the pond. He has a permanent position with a London charity, a prosperous career that scraped barely enough edge off his existential situation that he could also brand himself "Trevor McClintock, blogger" without becoming too foolish. His down time is used on the meandering streets of London, particularly the South and East side, where he enjoys experiencing the buzz of the Capital. The better opportunity of delightful street food might have something to do with his pick of location.

When it comes to his additional passions, he is an avid follower of TV series that are edgy. He firmly feels there is no better evening than a Game of Thrones marathon with a little wine and takeaway . Except, of course, it entails new episodes of the series. Trevor also has a soft spot for Pretty Little Liars and Girls but in the interest of character he likes to say that he is only enjoying them ironically. His ideal music includes a ton of seventies rock and equally off-beat genres at times peppered with synth-tastic 80s music because there's absolutely nothing screwy with the occasional pleasure.

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