Chapter Thirty Four-"So was he any good in bed?"

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Chapter Thirty-Four

It was one of those awkward moments where you felt yourself choking on your own words and blushing furiously just because of the situation you tried to recall made you feel that funny tumbling in your stomach and cause your heart to race wildly like a thousand galloping horses. I was going through that moment ever since Juliet barged into my bedroom where she then shut the door and woke me up from a blissful slumber by hitting me on the head with Mr Wiggles.

Ever since the night of Prom, everything felt like it was a hundred times better. I mean yes there were still moments where I stuttered and felt utterly embarrassed but there were those new moments where my mind would somehow wander back to that night and remind me of every single thing I did and cause a blush to spread across my cheeks and a smile so wide I swear it looked like I was doing something wrong underneath the sheets.

Gross. Did you just think that Viv? Very perverse and considering the fact that you actually did do the dirty under the sheets with Sean, that is very gross. Not that you didn’t like it. Admit it Viv, you were in love with having Sean naked and there next to you and kissing you senseless. It was the best night of your life and you wished you could relive it over and over again. You’re a complete and utter pervert Vivienne Lanter-

“Earth yo Vivienne,” Juliet called, snapping me out of my thoughts.

I grinned sheepishly before I replied, “Sorry…I was daydreaming…”

A mischievous look passed through Juliet’s green eyes before she spoke, “Daydreaming about Prom huh…?”

I glanced away from Juliet’s piercing and knowing eyes. So maybe I hadn’t yet told her about what had happened but in my defence I was dead tired. Then there was mum getting married just around the corner, meaning that I had to help in every way possible and that mainly included babysitting Holly because the adorable little munchkin wouldn’t let anyone except her ‘sister’ to play nanny to her.

“Maybe…” I finally replied.

Juliet leaned closer then grinned, “What happened,” she finally asked.

I bit my lower lip nervously then mumbled, “I uhm…you know…we talked…”

“Yeah right, I’m sure you just talked Sean’s ear off the entire night,” Juliet scoffed.

“Is that so hard to believe?” I asked, raising an eyebrow.

Juliet rolled her eyes but I could see the amusement in them as she answered, “Of course not Viv,” before she smirked, “but the fact that you were walking like you had to pee said otherwise.”

“Maybe I had to pee,” I retorted, “I have a weak bladder Jules.”

“Don’t remind me,” Juliet replied with a shudder, “Remember that time back when we were watching ‘The Bride of Chucky’ and you-”

“Okay,” I cut her off, “point taken.”

Juliet laughed slightly before she demanded, “So what happened Viv and don’t leave out any details!”

Suddenly I felt like I had been caught talking to Mr Wiggles and I moved around in my position in bed. I wrung my hands together before I sighed and glanced up at Juliet who was staring at me with expectant eyes. Just do it Viv. Tell her what happened like a mature young adult and remember don’t leave out any details. Juliet’s your best friend, she deserves to know what happened and let’s not forget the fact that you have been secretly dying to tell her-

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