Chapter Twenty - Another Stolen Relic

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"Thomas is the eldest Bespoke brother, isn't he?" I asked her. Why would he give Ava something like this? I didn't understand. 

"Yeah," Ava said, standing from the bed and collecting her leather boots from near the window. She sat down upon the carpet and pulled the boots on her feet, taking her time to lace them as leather the cords only got tangled when she rushed the job. 

"Why did he give you it?" I asked her, she just looked at me in confusion. 

"What do you mean? There was no was just a gift," She said, finishing her laces and walking over to me once more. I narrowed my eyes at her. She did it back. "Don't look at me like that. He just gave it to me. It was nothing untoward." 

"Oh come on, Ava. Why fairy tales?" I asked, raising an eyebrow. She gave a small laugh and then sat down next to me, her warmth heating up one side of my freezing body. 

"Well, you remember that day when we had the "you're not allowed near each other" punishment?" 

"Yes," I stated, furrowing my brows at her. 

"Well that day was quite eventful," She trailed off, a blush creeping up her cheeks. I stared at her. 

"You what?"

"I ended up in your father's study," She said, looking towards me nervously. I laughed at her and she stared at me in disbelief. 

"What? You didn't expect me to scold you, did you? I hate his guts, I could not care less about what you've done to him or his belongings," I stated, and she frowned a little. "Carry on." 

"When I came out, Tom found me, then there was a big bust-up with him and Will because everybody thought he was dead blah blah, then Sondra spent the day with Will so rather than being on my own, I asked Tom where the library was and we spent the day there. I ended up reading fairy tales whilst we were there and he questioned it so yeah, that's where the fairy tales came into it," She explained, standing from the bed and pulling me up by my hand. 

"Right. Breakfast?" I asked, wanting to change the subject from Bespoke; I wasn't too fond of him, and I didn't care whether Ava liked him or not. His younger brother is fine, although a little timid, but there's something about the eldest that isn't quite right... 

Ava nodded and the both of walked hand in hand to the great hall, chatting and laughing on the way. When we arrived at the great hall, Sondra bounded up to us, with a glint in her eyes and a grin on her face. I looked at her in confusion but Ava seemed happy to go along with whatever she was happy about and simply grinned at her. 

"C'mon, no time for breakfast!" She said, grabbing our arms and dragging us to the door. Thor soon appeared and followed us. 

"What? Why not?" Ava asked her. She grinned. 

"We're going on an adventure!" She said, opening the door and pushing Ava, Thor and I through it. I narrowed my eyes at her suspiciously. 

"An adventure to where?" I asked, and she rolled her eyes. 

"Always so suspicious aren't you?" She said, before looking around her and checking if our coast was clear. "I found this document the other day..." She said, pulling out a piece of faded parchment. We all craned our necks to look at it. 

"Sondra - that's a map of the palace dungeons," Thor stated, clearly quite confused. The word dungeons had created a heavy stone in my stomach. Dungeons. I'd spent a year of my life in one of those and it honestly wasn't anything that I enjoyed. And I had no intentions of returning to one, adventure or not.

"I know very well what it is, Thor. There are ancient relics down there, and apparently one of them is one of Asgard's finest swords. I want to find it. Are you in?" She asked eagerly. Thor grinned and nodded. Ava looked to me for a moment before agreeing to the task at hand. I took my time to agree, but I didn't want Ava going down there without me; Thor and Sondra aren't the most sensible of beings. But then again, neither am I. 

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