Goddess, No!!!!

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Logan's POV
I watched coolly as Maxine appeared out of the crowd, she had obviously come straight from the office in Powell River and looked like she had made zero effort to dress for the occasion. I wouldn't normally care or even notice but as I watched her features carefully I saw how she took in the scene with a look of disgust on her face. In that moment everything about the PA I had worked with for several weeks repulsed me.

She turned her traitorous eyes to my wife and her expression was recognisable as pure loathing. As her eyes flashed to me, she quickly adopted a simpering smile and flicked the tip of her tongue to her upper lip. I knew in that moment that she wanted me. A man knows when a woman desires him and this she-wolf was giving me a look of unadulterated lust and submission. There might've been a time when I could've slept with her as an easy conquest, when I was longing for my mate and in need of a quick release. But now I felt physically sick just looking at her. How Dare she come to my Wedding and even consider throwing herself at me, all while my Luna and wife stood squarely beside me. She was harbouring such hatred towards my sweet mate. If she had sided with the enemy as we suspected then she would die. Rage percolated inside me.

I could feel Otis growling at the blatant disrespect to both me as Alpha and to our bride. I started across the floor and was fully conscious of the dominant angry energy that was emanating from me. The wolves on the dance floor parted swiftly out of the way - it was very easy to spot an Alpha on a rampage and no one in our world would wish to see the hard end of my wrath once I got going.

I abruptly grabbed Maxine's elbow as Austin joined me and we marched the vile Jezebel she-wolf out the door of the hall.

"You know what to do with her Austin, find out what she knows and don't be afraid to break a few bones..." I growled. Maxine at this point displayed the first signs of fright, letting out a small high pitched shriek.

As Austin swiftly turned and shoved her down the hallway, I saw Imelda materialise in front of me.

"You know, my little wife is rather jealous of your teleporting style Imelda... when this is all over you'll have to pass on a few tips..." I said with a small smile.

"Certainly, Alpha Logan," the witch replied courteously, "though right now we have a nasty witch werewolf hybrid to rip apart."

I nodded solemnly. "Indeed we do."

Imelda moved her hands in front of my face and muttered some incomprehensible words before I witnessed some light green sparks fly from her hands and into the air all around me. "You are cloaked now from Valerie, Alpha. Let's go save your wife."

With that I locked my jaw and clenched my fists. It was time to go take down the most notorious supernatural being of our time. She had bitten off more than she bargained for when she went after my mate. I pushed the doors to the hall open again and moved swiftly through the revellers. I could sense Imelda close behind me. I would have to make her an honorary member of the Midnight Moon Pack after this... she had proven herself to be a true ally and friend of the pack.

I came to a stop and caught the eye of my father who was standing across from me. Between us I could see the filth that was Valerie stalking up behind my beautiful mate. She was now around 5 feet away from her and Otis was becoming raucous in the back of my mind.

I could see my mate was somehow managing to keep her eyes ahead of her and she was giving a good impression of someone listening to her school friend Felicity. I knew her mind was on the movement behind her. Damian had appeared beside her now. I gave my father a nod and he linked Leoni to tell her to put our plan into motion. I sensed her anxiety over our bond but as she projected her mirage onto Valerie's mind I sensed a calm and a sense of purpose there also.

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