Chapter | 27

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Warning: Ryūji being a whóre, don't romanticize this child.

Warning: Ryūji being a whóre, don't romanticize this child

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the next day,

"Hey! Hey, you okay?" The well known Prince of Shifters ducks by a wall to help his teammate during one of their games. They were carrying guns full of red paint, simulating a battle field.

The girl who sprained her ankle widens her eyes in shock at the handsome man, at a loss for words. "I...uhm... y-your highne—"

"Shh, that's so corny, just call me Ryūji..." in a rush, he kneels down to force her to sit, holding his gun tightly to protect their area. "Can you walk? Need to relocate something?"

Meanwhile, Doctor approaches his bitterfaced teammate who was watching their opponents hiding behind the wall of the house. The doctor chuckles, "How kind for you to wait for the girl to recover."

"What the fúck are you talking about," Seraphine says, aiming his gun at Ryūji and the girl. But, he didn't fire, merely observing how Ryūji is displaying a light laughter with the blushing girl to make her feel more comfortable with him.

"Oh, nothing. Just curious how you've hated me for so long but you never kiss me like you do with the Prince while privately training. You should treat the people you hate equa—" Seraphine turns around and shoots him in the nuts, rendering him dead for the game. "Ow, the fú-?!"

Damn it, I knew we shouldn't have messed around outside! "Who else knows, you fúcking pedophile?" Seraphine sneers at him. It's not new for him to kill teammates, so Doctor doesn't feel betrayed at all.

"Hey, I'm not a pedo—" Seraphine shoots him in the forehead.

"Then stop hitting on those a decade younger than you, grandpa. Who the fúck else knows about me and Ryūji?"

"No one. I knew you'd murder me and frame Yuri for my death if I spill. Plus, I'm not that bad of a guy, you know." Doctor massages his pained balls because the bullets are still plastic, with red paint inside. "It's just funny how you started from hating his guts then getting yours rearrang—"

Seraphine shoots his one eye.

"Ow, what the actual fú—?! Seraphine, I'm already dead!"

"Then stay dead. Don't spy on us, you creep. And yes, I will murder you for real if you tell anyone," Seraphine keeps up his cold demeanor and looks back at the wall, to which Ryūji and his female teammate were gone. He then prepares his gun. "It's all just fun and games with us."

"I can see that, you two were rough—" Seraphine hits his stomach with the gun, before directly aiming it to a running Ryūji and shooting on the spot.

Seraphine scoffs and smirks proudly. Can't help anyone now, can you?

later on,

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