"Spencer!" I heard the shout of a woman and recognised it as my mom. She was standing at the bottom of the stairs, her eyes wide and mouth open, "you need to stop this! Stop right now!"

But I didn't know how, as my emotions got the better of me the flames grew. And again, they didn't burn me, but I didn't know what was going on. How was this happening? What was even happening?

Reece was standing there, he was trying to find a way to reach me but the flames wouldn't die away. They grew wherever he reached, they shadowed him in the cloud.

But as my strength started to leave me so did the flames, my legs were growing wobbly from keeping me up and all I wanted was to sleep. But even I knew at this time it wasn't the best idea. But I would be looking for answers.

When my legs finally gave out, so did the flames. They disappeared like they appeared, in an instant.

Reece was by my side immediately, hugging me to him. I could hear Jessie upstairs calling to mom and asking what was wrong, and then my mom finally pulled me up and into herself when she ran down the stairs.

"I know you're confused but now might not be the best time for answers, we'll tell you if you want to,  but only if you're 100% sure," I shook my head, I didn't want answers right now. I just felt like forgetting the whole incident would make me feel like it didn't happen. But I knew it wouldn't last for long, it was too real of an experience to forget.

"Let's just... Go..." I pulled away from mom and picked up Jessie when I got to my feet and was steady standing on them, I ignored my brother as I walked to the car.


"Food?" My mom asked, I had perked up a little since the incident, I wasn't moping around anymore and I even got some new stuff out of it. I think my mom felt bad and her making it better is to get us stuff, material things that she believed could buy our forgiveness or whatever it is that she wanted.

But I also got an iPod out of it, about 5 new cases for my phone and loads of clothes and shoes. We had to make a few trips back to the car to put stuff in the boot, but it was okay. Reece hadn't said anything and Jessie was totally oblivious to what was going on around her. Oh what it must be like to be young again.

"Food sounds good right now ma," Reece said, Jessie was on his back as she had been complaining about her feet hurting and Reece picked her up.

"Good. Cause I'm starving anyway," mom lead the way to the food court and sat us down at a table while she got the food. I went to go and help her but Reece pulled me down on a chair next to him.

"She'll be alright," I sat there in silence, only listening in when Jessie and Reece started to talk in her childish manner.

"Weece?" Jessie asked as she couldn't pronounce her R's too well still, mum thought she might have a speech problem.

"Yeah Jess?" Reece asked.

"Weece, what's mommy doing?" She pointed over at mom who was standing in the line to get food, arguing with a man. He was much taller than our mom and looked like he was about to hit her when my mom did the awesome thing of slapping him around the face. The man eventually walked off with an enraged expression. I had a feeling that it probably wasn't the best idea to piss off a man that big.

"I'll be back," Reece stood from his seat and strode over to our mom. They were having a worried and quick conversation before Reece was back and dragging me and Jessie up with him.

"We have to go, come on," Reece didn't wait for an answer as he was zooming back through the mall and to the car park.

"Who was that man?" I asked Reece when mom joined us in the car. She was driving us home. Mom wasn't saying anything and I resorted to asking the person mom would of told; Reece.

"No one you need to worry about," he told me breezily. He was sitting up front with mom and Jessie was in the back with me.

"I think it is. Mom slapped him for fucks sake!" I burst out, it was a long drive to get home and nobody had told me anything of what happened let alone who people are when things happen.

"Language Spencer!" Was the first thing my mother had said since, her hands were white on the steering wheel and she was glaring at the road.

"No mom! You fucking know as well as I do what happens when secrets are kept!" My mom faltered, the car swerved and she pulled it to a stop on the hard shoulder.

"Don't bring that up, ever, again," my mother seethed, she had turned in her seat to stare back at me, "now be quite. When we get home you'll go straight to bed. It's getting late."

I didn't say anything else as my mom drove us home, and when we got home I ignored Reece when he tried to talk to me and walked up to my room.

What was with people not telling me things?

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