One direction, sex and love (niall horan love story)

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My name is Jess I'm 18 and it was my first day in my new house in London, we had moved from New York for my dads new job. It was early Sunday morning when I walked outside I was on my way to the local shop to get some orange juice, when a blonde haired boy and 4 others stepped outside the house next door, I realised that it was one direction because as I had recently found out it was Simon Cowell who lived next door, but no my house was not huge like his. A cute boy with brown curly hair approached me,

"Hi I'm Harry, you must be the new family that have moved next door" he said with a cheeky grin on his face.

"Yeah I've just moved from New York, oh and I'm Jess by the way" I said.

"Wooaah New York I love it there" the blonde haired boy said.

"Oh these boys are my band members, if you watched the UK XFactor you would know us as one direction" Harry said

"Oh yeah I do know you" I said.

"Let me introduce our selves, as you know already I'm Harry, but with a styles on the end, so it's Harry styles"

I laughed.

"This is zayn malik" a hot brown haired boy with a blonde streak through his hair stepped forward and said " Vassss Happpinnng"

I laughed again.

Then Harry said " this is Louis Tomlinson a cute boy looked at me as said "heeeeeyyy I'm Louis!" In a Very enthusiastic tone.

Then Harry said "this is Liam and more sensible guy looked at me said said "hi" with a cute smile on his face.

"Last of all we have the young Irish lad here he is called Niall horan" Harry said.

Niall looked at me and said "hey I'm Niall" with his bright blue eyes glimmering in the sun.

I thought to my self about how beautiful his eyes were.

Then Harry said " we'll better be going now we have rehearsals for tonight's show on britains go talent"

"I love that show " I said.

Them zayn looked up and said " we should all hang out some time" I agreed, then we all swapped numbers.

I carried on my journey to the shop thinking to my self how friendly we're they. When I got home I looked on my phone and saw a message from Niall it read,

Niall horan;):

He it's Niall here we were just wondering if you wanted to meet up tonight and have a party round ours it will be fun, were send you our address is you wanna come!

I quickly replied

To niall horan;) :

Yeah I would love to come thanks xx!

Later that day I got ready for the party I put on some bleached skinny jeans with a plain white top with a baggy grey jumper that had spikes on the shoulders. I also put on some lovely baby pink pumps and I then curled my hair but It looked quite like natural curls, my hair was a very

Light blonde colour. I applied some natural make up then left.

When I got to the house it's was a young Louis who answered the door I smiled and he said for me to Come in, so I did.

Qin the end we just decided to watch a movie we chose paranormal activity 4, I had been wanting to watch this no matter how much I hated scary movies. I sat on the sofa with Niall next to me and then zayn next to him on the other end, one the floor was Harry Louis Liam and Louis girlfriend Eleanor and Liam's girlfriend Danielle. Zayn said his girlfriend would be arriving shortly, I had heard in the news that he was dating perrie Edwards from little mix who won the XFactor 2011 series in the UK, so we so pretty as we'll as Eleanor and Danielle.

Finally the movie started, half way through I realised that I was cuddling Niall a bit to much I got up off his chest and whispered in his ear, "sorry".

I then felt a warm breath down the side of my face the I heard "it's ok,I,m not a fan of scary films either" Niall said. It sent a weird shiver down my spine.

The next film they put on was totall recall 2, it was a new release in blockbusters so we put in in the DVD player and began to watch it, next thing I know I am waking up in besides was shocked thinking how the fuck did I get here I turned over and reached for my phone in my bag it was 9.00am I saw next to me was a very sleepy Harry, I snuck of of bed a walked downstairs I saw Niall making toast in the kitchen I walked up to him and said "what the hell am I doing in bed with Harry" he looked at me and said calm down it not what you think you fell asleep last night I was asleep on the sofa and the only spare bed was in Harry's room so we put you in there! "Ahaha okay" I said smiling to him.

I realised he kept staring at me gazing into my eyes, I asked him "Niall, are you ok?" He was lost in thought then quickly replied "yeah why?" I said because you just seemed a bit old" he replied "no I'm just a bit tired" I laughed and smiled at him.

I then travelled home

The next day I looked at my home I had 3 texts 1 from Niall, 1 from Harry and 1 from Louis

I opened Harry's first it read,

Hey Jess, why did you leave without saying goodbye? I thought you loved me as we did slepep in the same bed!

I replied

Oh Harry you silly little thing, just because we were in the same bed doesn't mean I love you!

Ii sent it thinking on Harry, knowing it was just some friendly banter!

I then opened my text from Louis it just read

So you and Harry getting on last night then, haha only joking, love Louis!

I replied saying "oh very funny love ya too from Jess!

I finally opened the one from Niall it said

"Hey Jess , I was wondering if you could pop round mine, for a chat? Xx Niall

I replied saying sure be there in 10 mins xx Jess!

I arrived in more than 10 mins it was actually like 1 hour to be honest! Niall opened to door and ailed I said "hey" he copied.

We sat and talked for what seemed like houses but was only 30mins he kept smiling at me weirdly, we both stopped talking his bright Luke eyes locked on mine his head leaning into mine thoughts flying round my head, oh god he's going to kiss me, I shut my eyes and his lips met mine they were so soft we was kissing me so passionately then I stopped and said "what was that for"

He looked at me said said " I really like you, but more than just a friend"

Then I realised I think I did too

I replied saying " I do too" then we kissed again for want seemed like forever it was such a lovely kiss, I loved it. We stopped and he looked at me and said " will you be my girl friend" I smiled back saying "yes" we kissed again, then The rest of the boys walked in and in sync said "ooooooh" then Louis screamed " Niall and Jess sitting in the tree k-I-s-s-I-n-g first comes love then comes marriage then comes the baby sitting in the carraige!"

Me and Niall laughed!

We had now been together for 1 month and had been unsepreable from each other we went into nialler room I was kissing him and him kissing me back then it was getting more heated than ever and I whispered into nails ear saying "I'm ready". He smiled saying "are you sure" I said "yes" then we kept kissing then I ripped his shirt off his lifted my top off we took our bottoms of until we were in our under wear, he picked me up crashing me on the bed, he took my bra off then my pants, he then took his pants off. We were naked. We then had the best sex of my life, but I think we were a bit too loud as the next day everyone was teasing us saying they could hear us from there rooms and how we must of had a great night last night, but homestly it was the best night of my life.

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