Marlene Survives

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Silence, ringing silence, was all Rebecca could hear. "Where is she?" "Dad," Lyrica whimpered, she couldn't do this. Frank barley had time to catch her as she collapsed in a heap. "Doe!" It was Teddy that had yelled. "Lyrica will be fine Teddy; she's just taken in to much is all," Victoire soothed. However, Teddy did not look convinced. "Vic, she looks like she was hit with a stunner! Look at her! Mum do you agree," Teddy said in a panic. Tonks peered at the girl closely and said, "Teddy's right she does look stunned, but who here would stun her?" "Exactly, unless there is an impostor everyone here is trustworthy."

At that moment Victoire and Domiique saw movment out of the corner of their eyes. "Petrificus Totalus," They cried and aimed. The subject dropped unmoving, it was unknown if the double curse had actually caused harm. "Zacharie," Frank whispered to the others, "I have no possible idea of how he got here! Did he follow Lyre?" "Frankie I don't know, but we're going to figure it out as soon as we bring about Lryica alright?" "Bu- alright Alice."

"Finite," Molly whispered as the rest, besides Frank who was still cradling Lyrica, surrounded Zacharie, who was now revived. "Ugh! It feels like my visit to America all over again. Zacharie! What are you bloody doing here," Lyrica screeched shrilly. Frank winced, "I forgot that you must be part banshee." Lyrica swatted at his head, he ducked, yet her eyes never left Zacharie for one moment. He seethed at her, "You might be Mum's favorite, but did you really think I would let you mess everything up like this! Everything seems to always be about you, and don't think I didn't here that story you shared earlier. It is blantly evident that Mr. Longbottom is not a sutible companion for you! You're coming home with me now before the Aurors arrive."

"What have you done! I never thought you felt that way Zach. I always assumed you hated me so I kept my distance, but then you distanced yourself from Mum. You have the nerve to blame me for situations you've brought about yourself. Go home without me for all I care. It is obvious that you don't care for me. I was never Mum's favorite loon, you were until you shattered her. Go home now before I make you, the other boys won't change my mind in the slightest," She shrieked once more. "Glad to know you care sœur,"Maël said from behind her, as Zacharie stormed off and vanished from sight right before he reached the doorframe. "Our only problem now is he was the only one to know the way home, " Jérôme sighed in mock disappointment.

"Lyrica, love, are you alright," Sirius asked. Instantly the two brothers had stepped inbetween the father and daughter. "He's my father boys. I'm sure he's alright," She laughed. The two boys apologized sheepishly. "She's our baby sœur. Can you blame us for being cautious," Jèrôme laughed. Lyrica rolled her eyes and said, "Anyway, I'm fine Dad. My brothers only shocked me. However Maël and I have an unfinished discusion." Maël jumped and shook his head vigorously, "Nope, none at all darling, dearest, sister." Lyrica grinned impishly,"If I do recall correctly we were discussing your crush on-" Maël forced his hand over his sister's mouth and commanded, "Shut your mouth would you! It is bad enough that you know who it is!" Lyrica rolled her eyes at him and pulled his hand off her mouth, "I was never going to say that real person Maël. I'm not that heartless." "I could debate that," Jèrôme muttered. Lyrica smacked him playfully on his forearm.

Sirius cleared his throat, his question was still unanswered. "Dad I do not know the exact location Mum is at. However, I do know she is undercover at the moment. Rose do you remember him leaving this house at all this year? I can't," Lyrica sighed. Rose places her hand on Lyrica's shoulder, "When they dropped Harry off at the train, the battle, and who knows what else he could have snuck out for." Lyrica nodded as Sirius looked slightly sheepish. Suddenly Jèrôme looked excited, "Hey! Sœur you found that paper last week correct? Do you still have it?" Lyrica grinned and pulled out the paper. "It was a note Mum left for me. It says that she wrote this after we visited from the future, and she knew that we wanted her location," Lyrica gasped for breath after her long statement, but continued, "She writes that we need to look for the obvious and the place she is at is a safe haven. Any ideas?" Rose thought hard and looked at Rebecca for confirmation. The girl sighed, "Lyre you know where she is." Lyrica looked, her almond shaped eyes enlarged. She whimpered, "She is in the house. Check behind your mother's portrait. The password is Bambi; Mum found it reassuring and reminded her of Aunt Lily."

The next moment and people were rushing towards the portrait of Madame Black, wretched woman that she was. "Bambi," Sirius gasped as he yanked back the curtain. what he found was a dark hallway that he had never before seen. "I must say! Are you all going to stand their with your mouths agape, or are you going to follow me?" Lyrica's words made everyone close their mouths and follow, Maël and Jèrôme as close to their sister as possible. Lyrica ran her hand over the wall and quickly found a switch. The lights filled the hall with a warm glow. The creme walls were lined with pictures of Marlene's childhood and her friends. Sirius and Remus looked on them with tearful eyes. "Come on we are almost there."

The Door at the end of the hall was tall and made of beautiful cherry wood. Maël, noticing his sister's hidden distress, opened the door quietly. The sight before them caused many to gasp. It was a large circular room with several doors along the wall. In the center of the room there was as cozy, vintage, lounge situated. These walls were also covered with photo after photo and each door had a plague on it to tell were it lead. Off to the side they noticed several bookshelves overflowing with books and their cherry wood finish went nicely with the light green walls. Finally from the ceiling hung a cute bronze, vintage, chandelier. "Perhaps she is in the bedroom or the kitchen," Tonks commented, Lyrica smiled at her warmly. They all agreed and entered the bedroom first, just as cozy as the lounge. In it was a large bed, covered in pillows and fluffy comforters, and cherry wood furnishings. The walls were a nice lilac and pushed against the wall was a lamp and armchair, books lay in stacks beside it. A few photos hung on the walls, and small knickknacks personalized the room. Defeated they exited the room, and headed to the kitchen.

As they entered they heard soft humming from another room, they assumed it was a pantry. While they waited for Marlene to enter they took in their surroundings. The kitchen was quaint, the walls robin-egg blue and the appliances in good condition. In this room their was a large window and a small door leading to a small garden. There was also a large table, topped with fresh flowers and set for company, and a nice plush rug. The entire room smelt of home cooked food. "Ah I see you finally made it, and just in time for tea," Marlene smiled as she entered, her blonde hair swaying just below her slim waist. Sirius's eyes followed her around the kitchen. "Well don't just stand their go sit," she commanded as she pointed toward the table. She was preparing the tea. Finally after several minutes she took a seat beside Sirius and Remus. She took Sirius's hand and said, "Now you may ask your questions."

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