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Ronni opened the door and smiled when she heard her friends yelling, That was Ronni's escape. whenever she gets beat up she goes to Madi's apartment where they always hang.

"Wuzzupppp!" She yelled running to the living room, Rudy was the first one to pull her into a tight hug. She tried not to gasp from the pain and it worked.

Rudy and Ronni were the closest, ever since she entered the set and Rudy knew that girl would be his best friend. Next was Austin, he was the one who kept on texting ronni to audition for outer banks and he was on cloud 9 when he saw her on the set.

Ronni was close to all of them except for Drew, for some reason he was rude to her. not talkative much, but on social media and interviews he acts as if they're best friends, even his friends are shocked from his attitude but they never questioned it.

Ronni put her phone on the charger in the kitchen since Chase and JD were charging their phone in the living room and then between Austin and Madison, they were all talking about random things.

"So how's Cody, why didn't he come with you?" Chase asked, everyone groaned. Ronni's friends weren't a big fan of Cody. They always got a bad vibes from him but they didn't mention it.

"Uh, he went out with his friends." Ronni said shrugging, she has no idea where he was.

Drew went to the kitchen and saw a phone vibrating, he looked at it and saw multiple texts messages from Cody, so he guessed it was Ronni's phone. Drew was about to look away but he saw a text message that made his stomach flip.

'You better come home or else you'll get another punch but this time on your face so you dont show it anywhere.'

"Ronni!" He yelled from the kitchen and stepped away from her phone, Ronni walked to the kitchen and mumbled a yes while looking for snacks.

"Someone is texting you like crazy." He said before leaving the kitchen, Drew didn't know if he should mention it to his friends or not.

Ronni rushed out of the kitchen and yelled a goodbye before leaving her friend's apartment.

Ronni rushed out of the kitchen and yelled a goodbye before leaving her friend's apartment

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Ronnidowney: love yourself💜

robertdowneyjr: what happened to your eyes?

username: oh my god, are you okay?

Madisonbaileybabe: Baby what happened to your eyes?

username4: she looks sad🥺

chrisevans: Why aren't you answering us?

Rudeth: but you were okay yesterday..

Are you okay?

hey im talking to you, whats wrong??

if you dont answer im coming over.

Im okay.

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