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It's not everyday you wake up in the woods. But today is unlike any other day. When I wake up I realize that I'm really thirsty. I get up and wander through the woods to find water. Just as I spot a stream, a terrifying creature springs up from under my feet.

Terrified, I grab a stick and repeatedly whack it. I keep hitting until my brain goes numb. I only stop when I feel the thing's body slump down to the ground. Then, it turns into fog and drifts away like it was never there.

I turn around trying to comprehend what just happened and there's the orb. As its hovering ever so closer to me it says,

"Very well done you have passed the first trial. May the perseverance you've shown today be by your side for the remaining trials."

Not sure of what to say, I thank the orb.

Just like that I am sent back to the little room where I first woke up. I look up to see a plate full of steaming breakfast. My favorite, sausage and pancakes. Just as I was about to take the first bite, a unbearable pain emerged from the back of my neck. Screaming as loud as I can, the door swings open to the two guards. They flip me over and say

"Oh, look who got there first rune!"

Still getting over the pain wonder what this rune could look like. Slowly walking over to the mirror I see a beautiful design sprawling out from the center of my neck to my lower back. When I got to open the door it is unexpected heavy. I manage to open it and I run down the halls to try and find the orb.

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