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A/N: Sorry it's short but I hope you all enjoy it!! :))

Tw: slight mentions of mental health, slight suggestive( one mention but very small)

Y/N's P.O.V:

It was 6:00 am and here I am sitting on the couch instead of being at the hospital. It's been about 6 months since the whole incident... and to this day they continue the search. Yes, it has worried she might come back. However, I try my best to not think about it too much. I have enough problems already, for starters they won't let us do any surgeries until we are cleared by the therapist. I along with a couple of other surgeons have not been cleared yet I feel fine and to be quite honest I think she knows what she's talking about. She even cleared Taehyung who just fully recovered last month. Oh, Taehyung... His healing process was great and some of the memories began to quickly flood my mind.


"Finally Home Sweet Home" Taehyung said as Yoongi and Jin helped carried him in. Since the building didn't have a wheelchair ramp or any accessibility I had to carry it thankfully it wasn't too much since Our Apartment wasn't too high up. Mom and B/F/N are still living in my old apartment which isn't too far from where we live now."Finally, get to eat home-cooked meals instead of hospital food." Tae said as he sat on the couch. "Plus I get to spend time with my love," he said smiling widely. "Eww, can you not," Yoongi said as he went to go get some water. "At least not in front of us," Jin said as he was handed a water bottle by Yoongi. We chuckled and soon we began to watch movies and catch up on everything he had missed.

Fast forward

"Omg Taehyung stop you're gonna get hurt or worse your wound is going to open," I said as he was on the countertop trying to get flour down since I couldn't reach it. "Trust me I'll be fine," he said in a shaky voice. "Just a little.." right when he was gonna speak the flour fell on him and spilled all over him. Once he got down he looked up at me and I burst out laughing. "haha... you look so cute," I said laughing. "Oh yeah... we'll see how you look,"  he said and immediately threw a handful of flour at me. And soon we were both covered with flour.
" All right well let's get cleaned up," He said and began pulling my arm. "You go shower I'll take one after you." I said " or.." he said smirking. "no," I said with my face red. " I'm just kidding love." He smiled, kissed my cheek, and went to wash up for dinner. 

Present day~

*ring ring*
Caller ID: Fiancé💛🤧

Y/N: "Hey Tae"
Tae: "Hey love, how are you?"
Y/N: "same old same old, just here drinking some tea and watching tv. How did your surgery with Your patient go?"
Tae: "great, miss Jefferson should be recovering pretty soon. Hey, also, Don't forget you have to meet with the therapist tomorrow."
Y/N: " Tae.."
Tae: " I know y/n but come on you missed the last two. It will go well, Jin and Hoseok got cleared today. You will too. Just, please. We need you back. I need you, here"
Y/N: ".. okay, I'll go"
Tae: " okay, we'll I've got to go now incoming trauma is on the way, talk to you later. Love you"
He said and hung up. I sighed, I didn't want to attend but I told Tae I would. Then I heard my phone ring again.

Caller ID
Therapist Suzy

Y/N: " Hi"
S: " Hi miss L/N, I'm just calling to see what time you are coming in tomorrow?"

Before I could answer, a harsh knock was at the door. I went to the door and when I opened it my heart dropped.

- end of pt. 26-

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