Chapter 45: Athena VS Chiki!!

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*Aiga Akaba was on his way back to Valhalla Manor. Much to his surprise, the city was empty.. no happy children playing, no wildlife, nothing... there was only silence. Lane Valhalla appeared from behind a pole, Aiga turned as Lane stared directly at him*

Lane: Lucifer The End is your opponent... it'll be the one to consume Infinite Achilles once and for all.

*Lane held up his bey as his evil flare glowed, Aigas Infinite Achilles shined a crimson aura as his aura radiated with such intensity*

Aiga: Alright then, but don't think you'll crush Achilles so easily!

*Lane grinned wickedly as his flare swirled around him, his eyes flashing. Aiga looked at him angrily as Lane reminded him of an old enemy from long ago: Phi...*

---At Valhalla Manor---

*Athena and Chiki's match was finally starting, nobody was there but them*

Athena: Now that we have our full privacy, let's begin...

*Chiki looked in surprise as she watched Athenas flare rise and expand*

Chiki: Your Flare.. your attachment to this place... I want to feel Adeonas true and full power!

*Chiki places her bey on her launcher as Athena did the same, their auras shining and illuminating the area with their light*

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*the 2 beys land in the stadium and Cthulhu claimed the center*

Chiki: Now! Come at me!! Give me and Cthulhu a challenge!!

Athena: Now go! Let em have it!!

*Adeona unleashes its flare and attacks with all its might. Adeona rushes Cthulhu with a fast and devastating barrage of attacks*

Athena: That's it Adeona! Do it, Heaven Slash!!

*Adeona comes in for the attack with its blades lit up*

Chiki: Block them with Cthulhu Force!!!

*Cthulhus energy barrier blocks Adeonas attack and sends it flying*

Athena: Push through! Heaven Slash!!

*Adeona pushes through Cthulhus defenses and sends it flying to the rails*

Chiki: Don't think that's all it's gonna take to defeat me..

*Cthulhu takes to the rails and gains incredible speed*

Chiki: Cthulhu!!

Chiki: Crush them! Lunatic Rip!!

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Chiki: Crush them! Lunatic Rip!!

*Cthulhu leaps off the rails and towards Adeona as its crimson flare glowed to life*

Athena: Adeona watch out!!!

*Cthulhu attacks and sends Adeona flying out of the stadium*

Athena: Ahh!

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