McKenna's POV - Chap. 20

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Lee pressed the palms of his hands into the floor next to him, his eyes closed as he took deep breaths in and out, which was an improvement from the hyperventilating I'd heard for the past half an hour.

I could feel my lower jaw trembling, and I wrapped my arms around my chest, rubbing them up and down as I waited for him.

I just wanted him to be okay. For this nightmare to be over.

He slowly blinked his eyes open, and I could feel the relief coursing through my system.

He was okay.

He was okay.

He stayed rooted to the floor for a few more minutes, using the sleeve of his shirt to clean up his face.

I averted my eyes to the floor. I knew that Lee wasn't the open-book type of person, and that he was going to start feeling self-conscious.

Not that he needed to. But I knew how he was.

"Did you see that?" Lee's voice asked.

My eyes snapped up to meet his.

It was hoarse and quiet, but it was his voice.

I offered him the best smile that I could under the cirumstances, still feeling a bit scared.

He used the closet door for support to stand up, and I was quick to stand up as well.

He didn't look well, and I could feel my heart going out to him.

There had to be something I could do. "Can I-"

He held up his hand towards me, a look of absolute fear on his face.

I couldn't stand the thought of him being afraid of me.

But I don't think it was me that he was afraid of. I think it was the idea of having another one of those, another panic attack. And that caused my heart to contract in my chest.

I hated seeing him like this.

"What time is it?" he asked me.

Was he timing his panic attacks?

I reached over and checked his phone, since it was the closest one to me.

He had two missed calls from Parker.

"3:30," I informed him

He was silent for a few moments, his eyes closed.

I wonder what was going through his head. Was that a long panic attack? Was that average?

"There's Xanax in my desk drawer," he informed me, his voice still hoarse. "Top right."

I don't think he should be popping Xanax every time he has a panic attack, that doesn't sound safe.

Though right now if he told me that doing an interpretative dance in my underwear out in the courtyard would help him through this I'd do in a heartbeat.

"Are you supposed to take that?" I asked him, my cautious side still coming out.

I cared about him too much.

"Like an hour and a half ago."

Oh Lee. No wonder he had two missed calls from Parker.

I slowly made my way over to his desk drawer. I didn't want to do anything to startle him. I'd already caused enough problems today.

I'd only ever been in his bottom left desk drawer, which contained Pop-Tarts and candy.

His top right desk drawer did indeed contain medication. But they weren't in their prescribed bottles. They were in the containers you buy at the pharmacy for easy storage.

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