Girl Attacked

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Leoni's POV
Making our way down to the Wedding Banquet, hand in hand with my new husband and having just been made love to by him in an incredibly powerful way... I felt like I was walking on air. Truth be told, I still had his come leaking out of my secret place but the way I was feeling right now I didn't care. I felt a light blush come to my cheeks nonetheless. He was Mine and I was His.

Goddess... there was little doubt in my mind that most of the pack had either heard our rather loud lovemaking session just now, or at least been told about it. But the other fact I was aware of was that being wolves... and my mate being a huge Alpha with an equally huge sex drive and possessive streak... no one in the pack would be at all surprised. Many had witnessed his bulky form rushing up the stairs carrying their Luna possessively in his arms. I imagined they were happy to be enjoying a day of celebration with all the alcohol and food that a day like this entailed. The pack would also be very keen to see me producing an heir for their Alpha so they would be inclined to take a satisfied view on any obvious signs of mating between him and I.

As we walked into the dining hall a great cheer went up - it seemed that Austin had got wind of us making our way down and had everyone organised to greet us.

Logan's Beta smiled and raised a glass to us, before exclaiming loudly, "To the Alpha and Luna, Mr and Mrs Forde!!"

I felt a blush rise to my cheeks and I felt Logan squeeze my hand. Damian jogged over to us and handed us two more glasses of champagne- I smiled but linked Logan to grumble about it being 'pointless to drink it if I can't even get a tiny bit drunk... on our wedding day!...'

I knew Imelda's magic was a crucial part of the plan but it did suck that I couldn't appreciate all the glasses of fizz a little more- memories of the tipsy sex on the night of our engagement party flooded into my mind. My hunk of a husband leaned over to kiss my forehead adorably and I grinned up at him, my mild irritation with the magic at work giving way to familiar feelings of affection for the big wolf beside me.

'How about this little mate, you can get horribly drunk on our honeymoon... and I promise to be a dutiful husband and put you to bed safely...' he smiled down at me playfully as he linked me.

'Honeymoon??!!' I hadn't even thought about that, it was more of a human concept... 'You can take time away from the pack, the Council and the firm??' I bounced on my toes excitedly as I gazed up at him.

'Yep. Now that's it for info my little bride... it's going to be a surprise!' He linked me and I pouted.

He leaned down to kiss my pouting lips. This wolf knew how to distract me that's for sure. I kissed him back gently before we parted and looked back to the pack.

"LET'S GET THIS BANQUET STARTED!" Logan roared jubilantly in his Alpha tone, another cheer shook through the hall and everyone made their way to their seats. Logan led me to the top table and we sat in the centre. Logan's parents were to the left of him alongside Austin and Damian. Logan was to my left and to my right were my Bridesmaids Sophia, Carly and Felicity.

Carly leaned over to me with a cheeky look on her face, "So is it safe to say the marriage is well and truly consummated??" She said with a giggle.

Sophia gave her a punch, "STILL my brother... I don't want to Think about my friend doing that with my brother...!! Ever!"

I blushed but grinned at them.

"With the roars and screams coming from upstairs not long ago, and that flush on your sister-in-law's face, I think it's safe to say they weren't doing yoga in that bedroom..." Carly joked giving Sophia a poke in the shoulder.

"Yeah, well I don't need to Talk about it! I am happy for them to continue with their... yoga... whenever they like especially if it means I get a cute little niece or nephew sometime soon... but we just don't speak of it in my presence!" She gave Carly a death glare that reminded me of Logan's death glare... I giggled, they were siblings alright!

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