Sacred Vows

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Logan's POV
Looking to her beautiful face I saw only pure joy there as she gazed up the aisle to me. She was walking arm in arm with my father and I felt a knot in my throat as I thought on how her own parents should've been here with us. So much had been stolen from her, from us and from our future pups. I was determined to protect her from any further heartbreak, as far as I possibly could, for the rest of our lives together.

She had her waist length blonde tresses loosely curled and they fell down her back and over her shoulders making her look like an angel. The tiny white straps of her dress left nearly all of her shoulders bare and my mark, though entirely healed now for quite some time, was fully visible at the bottom of her neck. A surge of pride ran through me. This was My Luna. And she was perfection. I felt myself smiling broadly, how could I not, I also felt the sting of tears threatening to fall from my eyes but I mastered myself before they fell.

As she came level with me and met me at the fountain, she looked radiant. The make up my sister had applied was light and let her natural beauty shine through. The mascara and lightly applied eye shadow emphasised her unusually bright blue eyes whilst her lips looked slightly pinker and plumper with the lip gloss.

"You look... stunning, Leoni." I whispered.

"So do you... you look so handsome Logan... but what happened to your stubble?" She said, smiling softly.

"My mother's suggestion... don't worry my love, it will grow back soon enough!" I smiled back at her and gave a little wink.

Our attention was drawn to the Pack Elder who was now in front of us alongside my father. As former Alpha he often still took part in the ceremonial acts of the pack. The Elder was welcoming everyone and speaking about the significance of the role of Luna to a pack. I gazed down at my mate in utter awe.

"We are gathered here today to witness the induction of Alpha Logan's destined mate Leoni North as our pack Luna and the joining of these two wolves in the sacred bond of marriage. Those whom the Moon Goddess has brought together let no one break asunder." As the Elder spoke Leoni and I stared into each other's eyes, we were lost in each other and our intense love.

"Do you Alpha Logan accept this she-wolf as your Luna and as Luna of the Midnight Moon Pack, from this moment and henceforth?"

"I do." I spoke solemnly, my eyes still focussed on Leoni's gorgeous blue orbs.

"Do you promise to protect her with your life and any pups that may result from your mate bond?"

"I do." I replied intensely. Goddess knew it was the absolute truth. I would die a thousand deaths to save this girl or our future pups.

The Elder turned to Leoni and started reading to her the Ceremonial Oath of the Luna.

"Leoni North, as Luna of the Midnight Moon Pack and as destined mate of our Alpha, Logan Forde, you will take on a responsibility passed down for generations. The lives of all the pack will be in the hands of you and Alpha Logan. This is a role designated to you by the Moon Goddess herself and your duty from here on is a sacred one."

The Elder paused and looked up at my mate with a severe sincerity in his eyes.

"Do you Leoni North accept Alpha Logan as your Alpha, from this moment and henceforth?"

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