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September 1st

"I'll be fine Mum," I assure her as we walk my final boxes to the car. It was actually surprising how little I was going to need because my parents wanted to keep my room the way it was. I figured that they would want to change it into an at home office or a gym or even a guest room but they wanted to keep it. She had been with me all day, finishing packing up my pc and asking if I was sure about this.

"I'll take good care of her Mrs Simons," Will says as he brings out the last, and heaviest, box which has my pc in it. He carefully places it in the backseat of his car and then turns to me, wrapping his arm around my waist. I see my Mum look at him then me for a second then let out a small sigh. I know that if it was anyone else she would be complaining but she had a soft spot for Will wether it was because he was my boyfriend or because Tommy loved him as a brother I wasn't sure.

"I'll call you when I get to Brighton." I say with a smile and see my Dad give me a small wave from the front door. He and Tommy had been talking and I give him a small smile just as my little brother pushes past him and into the cool early fall wether with shorts and a t-shirt on.

"Blake," He calls out and I give him a smile as Will moves around me to show my Mum where we had put some of the belongings. She had insisted that we bring food to eat with us even though it was only a three hour drive to the new apartment that we had bought together and were moving into. "You forgot something," He tells me as he gets closer and I glance at the car because I was sure I had gotten everything. Maybe he found something that I had missed.

"Oh, what?" I ask but when I go to turn back to him, he wraps me in a tight hug. I sigh a little because I should have expected this in all honesty. Tommy and I have been together and by each other's side since the day he was born. This was going to be the first time we weren't living under the same roof and physically seeing each other everyday. It was exciting but at the same time strange because I was going to miss hearing him shout curses or create chaos. "It's ok TomTom, I'll call you when I get there and show you around." I tell him with a small smile because Mum had wanted him to stay here. I know the two of them had argued because Tommy wanted to see our new home but Mum said to give it some time. "Plus we still talk on Discord, right?" I say with a smile and move so I can meet his eyes.

"Right," Tommy repeats with a small nod as he meets my eyes happily. I let go of him and we stay there for another second before he once again wraps me in a tight hug like I was never going to come home again. "Love you." He mutters and I hug him back tightly with a smile across my face.

"Love you too." I tell him quietly.

November 3rd

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Will asks with his hand on my thigh as we sit at his desk with his stream labs open. We had gotten really lucky when we were apartment hunting and we had managed to find an apartment which is large enough to have space for us both to stream and record without being in each other's space. I look at Will with a soft smile across my face.

"Yeah," I nod a little as I run a hand through my hair which has grown out quite a lot since we had first met. I would be lying if I were to say that I was liking the long hair a lot better but I have also been thinking about changing the color from my natural blond. Maybe I'll go pink like Niki or purple like Minx. I'll have to ask what color would look best on me. "I think I do."

"Think?" Will asks quickly and I sigh.

"I'm positive Will." I tell him, putting my legs across his lap with a soft smile. Will had been asking me if I wanted to share our relationship with fans for a while and I know that he likes being somewhat open with his fans. I am not really open with my personal life so he had waited for me until yesterday when I decided that they would find out sooner or later so I want to be the one to announce it.

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