Niam One Shot.

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Niam one shot<3

Niall's P.O.V:

Me and all the boys hopped back on the tour bus after a busy signing. I took my seat round our living area and released the stress of the day. The other boys plonked down and Liam started giggling.

Sigh. Liam. He was perfect. Seriously perfect. He was beautiful. Brainy. Sweet and so sexy. The fans were right he really was the daddy of the band. Okay so it's confeasion time. The reason I haven't had a girlfriend in two in a half years is because I'm gay. And I am irrevicably in love with Liam.

"Ohhhhh Liam what you.doing there?" asked Harry playfully punching his shoulder.

"Just texting that girl we met at the club. Mahor flirty!" he winked at Harry. I couldn't. My feeling had broken. I rose out my chair and bolted to my room on the bus. I threw myself on the bed letting the tears stream down my pale cheeks.

Liam's P.O.V:

The fuck just happend? Niall just ran out crying. We didn't even say anything to him!

"I better go see him" Lou spoke softly and rose from his chair walking to Niallers room and opened the door.

Louis' P.O.V:

"Nialler? Hey buddie whats up?"I said my face falling into a frown seeing my little bro sobbing into his bed sheets.

"H-he h-he d-dosen't love meee!" he wailed into his pillow slamming his fist into the matress. I took a seat on the bed rubbing his back.

"Who Ni? Everyone loves you"

"Liam dosen't he's only interested in fucking beautiful girls not an ugly talentless dick like me!" he almost squeeld. One of my hands messed with his hair.

"Nialler James Horan. Never ever say that again. You are gorgeous babe. Litterally perfect. Your laugh, your smile, your beautiful big eyes okay? And who cares if he dosn't love you?! You could have any guys you want Niall. Anyone. And as for your voice. It's like the sounds of angels singing babe and anyone who dosen't see it is crazy. Now go have a shower and freshen up yeah?"

His big blue eyes were shinning now at my encoragment and he nodded his blonde locks and walked to the shower. My work done for today. I walked out past Liam shooting him the evils and took my seat naxt to Eleanor.

Liam's P.O.V:

I can't beleive it. I've longed for Niall since day one and now its happend. I don't know what to do. I enterd his room and looked at the photos on the wall. Only a few of them were of family and the other boys. Most of the others were of me and him. Cuddling. Spooning and singing together. W-wow.

I took one photo down smiling at it. Then I heard the door opened to reveal Niall stood there with a towel round his. His perfect body still wet from his shower. I gullped and rose to my feet and walked over you him

"Li-" I.cut him off and put my finger to his mouth.

"Niall Horan. I love you. I swear more than any person I've ever loved in my life okay? Your the most beautiful boy ever Niall and all I want is you. Only you" his blue orbs looked up at me a soft tear trickling down his cheek. I kissed it off and pulled him out some boxers.

"Now come snuggle with Liam my little snowflake" I beamed cuddling him tight.

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