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Bully Popular Joke Bakugou/ Loner Kid Deku

Tall Deku and Short Bakugou

No One POV:

Bakugou is the popular kid at UA and on the football team, he bullies everyone he sees as weak. Despite him being really short people are still scared of him, besides Izuku Midoryia but everyone calls him Deku. He is known as the weird tall loner kid at school, Bakugou bullies him the most yet Deku can't help but want to love and take care of him

Right now it's lunch time and everyone was eating in the cafeteria when Deku tripped and made a loud noise grabbing everyone's attention, everyone laughed at him

"Haha stupid Deku!" Bakugou laughed walking to Deku with the Bakusquad following behind

"You're so clumsy you'll never be a hero" Bakugou said pulling Deku by his collar as everyone laughed

"Meet me at my dorm after school" Deku said and stood up pushing bakugou away lightly

"Pussy!" Bakugou yelled and watched him leave

After school

"Deku I'm here open up!" Bakugou yelled/whined waiting outside the tall boys dorm, finally it opened

"Finally-" bakugou was cut off my being pulled inside the dorm

"Wha- hey!" Bakugou yelled, deku immediately locked the door and pushed bakugou lightly more inside

"You've been naughty" Deku said walking closer to the small blonde

"Naughty? What is this a Wattpad story" bakugou said rolling his eyes

"I just think you need a proper punishment" Deku cooed grabbing bakugou wrist and pulling him over his lap

"Let me go!" Bakugou squirmed on his lap before getting a hard smack on his ass

"HEY THAT HURT" bakugou yelled

"Don't hey me mister your getting your punishment for bullying" Deku said and gave him 14 more smacks making the blonde cry

(Of course bakugou is now gonna get after care it's very important)

"You handled that so well! You're such a big boy" Deku cooed cradling bakugou and rocking him slightly

"It hurts!" Bakugou cried

"I know let's get some cream and comfy pjs" Deku layed the blonde and put some cream to help the stinging and changed him into his sweater that was really big on him

"Aw you look so cute" Deku cooed planting kisses all over his face

"Stop! That tickles!" Bakugou giggled making Deku smile

"Deku..." bakugou said sitting up and looking at his lap

"Yes?" Deku asked

"I'm sorry..." bakugou said and hide his face on dekus stomach

"I forgave you a long time ago" Deku smiled sitting next to the blonde and pulling him on his lap and cuddling him tell the blonde fell asleep

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