Chapter 19

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Thank you to Abby who bravely proofread the first draft of this chapter :)

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Lucas stared back at Alexa as she pulled the trigger again, a pair of veins popping up from his forehead as he realized what she had just done.


"I think you forgot this," Lucas said coldly, holding up a gun magazine in his hand, and as he placed it on the table next to him, his fists clenched in anger. As he stood there in front of her, Lucas was shaking with a rage that rose from years enduring hell in Russia, hearing her words on the ship just before she fled away from him, looking at him as if he were a cancer.

All those years, he thought, his own screams reverberating in his ears as his interrogators tried to break him again and again, till he was nothing but a shell of the man he used to be, all those years for this. To be treated like a common criminal.

Lucas had had the foresight to remove the magazine from her gun, including the bullet in the chamber, while she was in the shower, lost in her thoughts as he heard her sobbing. How could he even have thought that she understood him, knew the dreams that haunted him and feel one with her again and again? How could he have thought those things?

Alexa's mouth turned dry as she stared at his eyes, seeing the shadow that slowly slid over them. She took a few steps to the side, not wanting to be caged in the bathroom, her fear building as Lucas took a step forward, his eyes pinning her, mesmerizing her like a predator hunting its prey. His jaw tightened, the veins on his neck evident now as Alexa watched him, as if in slow motion, come for her.

"Damn you!" Alexa screamed at him as Lucas lunged at her, slamming her against the wall with a force that knocked the wind out of her. Her gun clattered to the floor, useless now as she flailed against him, trying to push him away from her. Alexa kicked at him but Lucas wedged himself between her legs and she found herself kicking at nothing.

Lucas brought his hand up, his fingers circling the delicate slope of her neck and she gasped when he began to squeeze. Tears sprang to her eyes and she called out his name, her nails raking across his arms as she fought to loosen his hold on her.

His rage surprised Alexa, his eyes turning a dark shade of blue as he glared at her and she found herself turning away from him, partly to relieve the pressure of his fingers around her neck. She tried to scream but nothing came from her throat, only gasps and grunts as she continued to fight him.

"For eight years, Alexa," he breathed against her ear. "For eight years, they held me prisoner, torturing me for days and not once did I ever betray my country. Not once."

"Lucas, stop," Alexa whispered before he squeezed again and her vision began to fade as she gulped for air, her lungs screaming. Stars exploded before her eyes and Alexa realized that Lucas was going to kill her.

"And here you are, in your nice little flat, living your privileged life, having the nerve to tell me what the hell I am," he growled.

Lucas released his fingers around her neck slightly and Alexa took a deep breath of air, her vision as if clouded by a cold white sheet that covered everything around her like a film. She saw it in his eyes as he stared at her, the pain behind his gaze tearing through her. Lucas was telling the truth.

He had never been a traitor.

The sudden look in her eyes told Lucas to let go of her and as he did, he felt a knot in his stomach growing, twisting, making him weak on the knees as he leaned further against her for support. As she moved her body against him, feeling him increase the pressure of his body pinning her to the wall, Alexa felt it, too.

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