I wake up to see I'm in a hospital bed. As my eyes adjust to the bright room, I see Luke, Ash, Mikey, and Cass.

"You're a fucking idiot, you know that cal" Michael says " If you were drunk, I would have got you. No excuses."

"I'm fine" I mutter

"No you fucking aren't, yeah with your luck you didn't break any bones.. but your car is beyond repairable and you knocked over a lamp post." He says

I stare at Luke, Ash and Cass. They lookaway not looking into my eyes

"You need to get your life fucking together mate" Michael continues

"That's enough" Luke says quietly "You'll be released at noon"

 pull out the piece of paper and my phone. I call Cassie's mum

"Hey, um I'm a friend of Cass. She needs you here, please come as soon as you can"

"Well, I'm kinda busy here. Is it really important?"

"Yes it fucking is. She almost commited suicide, the house is in the middle of  foreclosure and she has a bunch of drug problems, i can't help anymore. Please come back" I plead

"You better not be lying, and hasn't she been getting the money?" she asks

"no, I have no idea what's going on... but I'm not responsible for what happens to her. Bye"

I swear I wanted to help her, if what I did harmed her. I'm sorry, I really did think I was helping. How should I have known what would happen next. I am so fucking sorry, I-II just don't know

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