Chapter | 25

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If the setting is in Japan, then the default language would be Japanese. However in present settings, they're all speaking English.

in the past,

The young diplomat Huang Shen is once again crying in the outdoor playground with his best friend. The nannies didn't come in, it was the Priestess who also works as the babysitter, overheard the cries.

"Darlings, what is this mess?" She says, referring to the noise.

Shen stood up and immediately ran to her as usual, with tear stained cheeks. "Oreo broke the dollies' legs! Oreo is mean! Please kill Oreo!"

"They're plastic, they don't get hurt!" The Prince defended himself. They just recently watched Toy Story and now the kids are projecting thinking that the movie is a documentary.

"How will they walk now?! You're evil! Evil Oreo!" Shen cries, devastated for the state of the Barbie and Ken dolls whose legs Ryuji just snapped.

"Now now, Young Masters... don't fight. Shen, the Prince is just fooling you."

"But if the toys are hurt, they'll hurt us too! Toy Story said so!" Shen pulls on her dress as if desperately trying to convince her, to which the Priestess picks him up.

"Now, what did we tell you about fighting, children?" She was looking at nothing in particular, but they can still feel her gentle gaze. "Oreo, please apologize to Shen."

"But he'll do it again!" Cries the 4 year old, still wailing on her shoulders. Nisha bounces her body slightly to comfort him.

Meanwhile, Ryūji came closer and reach up to pull on Shen's clothes, "I'm sorry, Shen. I won't hurt the toys anymore."

"Say sorry to Barbie!" Shen angrily cries at him with a fierce scowl. Just then, his parent entered the room horrified at their angry yells.

"Oh the Gods Nisha, I'm so sorry you have to deal with them!" Shen's stepfather came in the playroom and took Shen from her arms. He was there to pick up his son.

"Daddyyyyy! Oreo! Kill him!" Shen demanded while Ryūji is below him trying to play again.

The Priestess giggles, "Where did he learn to condemn his friend to death?"

"Who knows, I'm gonna have a word with Ryūji's father," he rolls his eyes, since Ryūji's father has a habit of sending death threats to his husband even when the kids are around. He puts Shen down after the kid got convinced to play with Oreo again. "Where is Ryūji's father, anyway?"

"The Inugami is having a word with him," Nisha says, eyes on the children even if she's seeing nothing. The little Prince is currently trying to bury a naive Shen's legs under the sand. "Such beautiful thing seeing the little ones grow as we have. Is this what the gods see when looking down upon the earth?"

"The God is a bit short, he can't look down on anyone though..." Shen's step-father mumbles, referring to watching their children grow the same way gods see humans.

The Priestess laughs wholeheartedly. Currently, Shen is fixing Ryūji's hair and trying to braid it. "Speaking of children... you recently married Shen's father. Are you aware of what that will make the child?"

The male groans, "Don't remind me. It's impossible, anyway. The Vampires already have a Prince to inherit the throne."

"It's just amusing to think that Shen has a place in that throne, same as you," the Priestess turns her head to the Shifter, whose eyes still have a tinge of red. After all, this man was born from a Shifter mother and a Vampire father. The vampire blood being Royal. "It would be fun to think that him and Ryūji are equals."

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