The Big Day Arrives

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Logan's POV
Waking up on the morning of my Leoni's Luna Ceremony and our Wedding I lay with my love in my arms and just smiled contentedly at the ceiling. I really was the luckiest guy in the world.

I stroked her stunning ash blonde hair that I swear seemed to go on for ever and gazed at her sleeping form. Damn it, why did I have to say I wouldn't make love to her again until we were wed...? It was less than 24 hours since I had last made love to her but I was already craving that glorious feeling of sinking my erect member into her satin smooth folds. I groaned as I held her. Goddess! What this girl did to me!

She stirred in my arms and opened her eyes. A massive grin appeared on her face as she looked up at me, "I get to marry you today Logan...!"

"And I get to marry you, my little love. Not only that but I get to formally induct you as the Luna of this pack." I kissed her forehead gently.

Leoni moved slightly against me then froze... she reached down under the sheets and ran her little hand over the giant bulge in my boxers. I groaned, I was painfully hard and now she knew it.

"Alpha... it seems we have a bit of a situation right here..." she looked up mischievously at me with those azure eyes of hers. The eyes I fell in love with before we had even met. The light scent of her arousal hit me as it mixed in with her floral and citrus notes...

I groaned again... "Ahh... Leoni... I want to do today Right... I want to make love to you After we are wed.... But Goddess this is killing me..."

To have my destined mate, in my bed, stunningly beautiful, aroused and eager for me to satisfy her Goddess given desires... and to be turning her down... I couldn't think of a more unnatural situation in that moment.

"Logan... it's okay... I want us to make love again when I am your Wife... but I think it would be permissible to help my Alpha blow off some steam...?" Leoni whispered as she looked up at me, sweetly biting her lip.

Before I could respond she had vanished under the sheets and her little fingers were removing my boxers, I inwardly cursed myself as I lifted my torso off the bed to help her disrobe me.

In the next moment she removed the sheets dramatically from the bed without touching them and sat herself astride my legs with my member in her hand. There definitely were times when having a mate with the power of telekinesis was mindblowingly sexy. She flicked her golden hair back and I swear the world was moving in slow motion. She looked magnificent... I took in a deep breath. It really was taking superhuman restraint to not be already pummelling into her sweet core right now... Why did I think it would be romantic to not make love again until after the Wedding??!

My little mate looked up at my face while she began to run her hand up and down my length. My body thrummed with sexual energy and desire for this mesmerising little she-wolf. The sparks fizzed around her hand as she stroked me.

"Leoni... sweetheart... that's beautiful..." I breathed...

She smiled a shy smile before speeding up her motion with her hand and twisting her hand's path slightly as it moved up and down my manhood. I was breathing very deeply now, trying not to explode just yet... I closed my eyes... the sensations were making me forget the world. There was only my Leoni and this moment. Nothing else existed.

I felt her hair brush against my stomach and opened my eyes just in time to see my mate's pouty pink lips part for my cock. She kissed my tip and licked the centre tasting my drops of precum. Goddess...! The sight of it alone was enough to make me come, I knew for certain that my fantasies of her doing this very thing had made me blow my load into my hand many times over the years. Now she was here. And I was fighting to keep control.

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