[CLOSED] In Search Of The Kin

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"It was like finding a key for the lock

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"It was like finding a key for the lock."
The bond of siblings is one of a kind. They are part rivals, part friends but are there forever.

We bring you a prompt that embraces the bond with a smidge of mystery. So put on your creative hats and start writing.


You're a famous photographer working for a famous magazine abroad. Recently you got a tip about your long-lost brother, who was separated in an accident. The tip brings you to the doorsteps of HYBE and this is your only chance to find the one family you have left.

Rules and Guidelines

1. Must adhere to Wattpad's Content Guidelines. Your submitted work must be written within the Wattpad Content Guidelines.

2. Deadline: 3rd September

3. For this contest, we only accept English-written FlashFics. (But we hope to expand our languages soon)

4. The story can be part of an existing collection of stories on your profile. However, only standalone winners are allowed to be featured in our Contest Winners reading list.

5. Due to limited word count, we don't accept mature content for this contest.

6. Users are not allowed to submit more than one entry as we want to give a chance to everyone.

7. The submission of entries is done through submission forms located on our official website Card, which you can find in our profile bio.

8. Winners announcement: 8th September

9. Your prompt must be between 500-1000 words.


● Winners will receive a sticker which can be put onto the book cover.

● Shoutouts on the @BTS-Community message board.

● Bragging rights.

● A review for the first place winner.

● Winning standalones will be featured in our Contest Winners reading list.

Contest Disclaimer

All events were created, prepared, hosted, and will be judged by a group of regular Wattpad users who are passionate about the genre and theme of this profile. These events are in no way affiliated with Wattpad or its staff so they play no part in any judging processes these events might go through. Our team reserves the right to refuse entries or submissions to these events that do not meet our pre-set required criteria, are inappropriate, are triggering, and/or violate Wattpad's Content Guidelines in any way. Any feedback given is at our discretion but we are not obliged to do so. Any guidelines listed and decisions from the team and judges are final.

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