Bellatrix, Rodolphus, and Rabastan Lestrange, along with Bartemius crouch jr, are arrested, Frank and Alice Longbottom are tortured by Death Eaters.

Date: January 13th 1996
Location in cannon: OP25: The Bettle at Bay

"Oh my god" I said as I finished reading the daily prophet.

"What happened" asked Blaise.

Ok never mind I'm not mad at Draco anymore.

"Draco look at the daily prophet, look" I said pushing it to his face.

He read it and then looked at me with his mouth wide open.
Just then Mattheo walked in the great hall with Lorenzo and Theodore.

He walked over to the table and sat down in the middle of me and Draco.
"Let me see" Mattheo said grabbing the daily prophet out of Draco's hand.

I looked at Draco who still looked at me with shocked eyes.

Mattheo looked at the daily prophet before setting it down and started to eat.

"You seriously don't care if your dad let out eleven death eaters" I asked.
He stopped eating and turned to me with a blank face "no I don't care" he said before going back to his food.

"Draco" I said catching Draco's attention.
"What" he said back.

I stood up and grabbed his hand trying to pull him out of the chair.

"Come on, you fat ass" I said still trying to pull him from the chair.

He got up and I pulled his arm, walking out of the great hall.

We made it out of the great hall and stood next to the great hall doors.

"So what did you want to tell me" Draco asked calmly.


"Oh right I forgot" he said.

I'm done with this idiot.
I left without saying bye, he is so annoying I wish he wasn't my brother.
I'm going back to my friends dorm, I don't care I'm going to miss classes today.

Draco's POV

Oh my fucking god.

I went back in the great hall, to see Blaise, y/n's friends, Mattheo and his friends.

I went over to Mattheo and pulled on his arm.

"Come on" I said pulling on his arm and making him stand up.

"What do you want" he asked, as we were half way out of the great hall.

"Not here" I whispered, we walked out of the great hall and to his and y/n's room.

We entered and I looked the door.

Mattheo went over to the couch and laid down.

"What did you want to talk to me about" he asked me.
"Y/n's ex escaped Azkaban, your dad helped him escape because he is a death eater" I told him.

"What" he said standing up.

"You heard me, he escaped, y/n is freaking out about it because she is scared and to be honest I am to, he already hurt my whole family" I said to him.

"He is at your house" he answered quietly.
"WHAT" I yelled.
"My dad keeps all the death eaters at your house, so he is there with the rest of them" he explained.

"What in the hell are we going to do" I said mostly to myself.
"I don't know" He said.

"Let's take her to the manor" I said.
"What no, hell no" he said.
"She is in a arranged marriage with you that means that he can not touch her at all"
"True" he said before continuing.
"But where is she" he said.

"Let's go to the common room, maybe she is there" I said, before walking to the door and leaving.


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