I love my best friend.. Who is the vampire king. Since when did he become king?!

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Here is the sequel!! It's finally up!!! So read.. and vote.. and comment..

Oh I changed the name.. It is now I love my best friend.. Who is the vampire king. Since when did he become king?!

But it's still the same story.. Just a different name. The other was too long.

Chapter One

"Come on Avon!" He calls.

"Coming!" I yell back. I hop over my fence into my best friend's backyard. I look at him stunned. He doesn't have a shirt on and his swimwear is low on his hips. His eight caramel abs are glistening in the sun and I can see some of his hips. My eyes trail up and his chest is sculpted to perfection. His shoulder's are wide but just right. His lips are the color of dark pink and they are always pulled into my favorite smile showing his pearly white teeth. His chocolate brown eyes can stare deep into my soul and his black hair is cut in an emo style. All of his muscules are in the right places. So handsome..

Nothing compared to me.

I let out a sigh as I walk up to him.

Who was this stunning man I just described?

Skyler Ian-James Brooks, my best friend.

And the sad thing is..

He doesn't know I've been in love with him for years.. Sigh again.

My name is Avonlea Danis Sixx. Yes my dad is the singer from the band Black Veil Brides. Everyone loves their music still even though they've stopped making albums and stuff. My dad officially changed his last name to Sixx because.. Well he said it sounded cool.

I am 18 years old and I'm no studded beauty like my mom. She was a model. Annabell Lauren Long was her supermodel name. She is really beautiful.

I inherited her caramel colored hair with natural blonde streaks in it and her body. I got my dad's blue eyes that everyone asks where I got from and that they look really farmiliar. I love my exotic look. Yeah. The poparratzi doesn't know I'm their daughter. It's really sad actually. But they notice my younger sister, Lizzie. It doesn't bother me. I'd rather be out of the loop sometimes.

I've known Sky since I was born. His mom is best friends with my dad so we bought a house next to them and spend every day at eachother's houses. My window is right across from Sky's and I can jump onto the tree to go into his room or vise versa. I've loved Sky ever since I was 13. But when he became 17 and when I was 16 something changed in him. He became more secretive. He didn't come home until the year after that. He didn't call or anything. It really bothered me. I missed him alot. But he's back now and he's fine.. I just shrugged it off but he's been more. I just can't put my finger on it. He's been just..wierder with me. Like he's holding a secret or something.

My mom and dad told me not to worry about it so I don't.

"You alright?" Sky asks. I turn away from him so he doesn't see my blush. I calm myself and turn back to face him. "Arent you going to swim?"

I just smile a little at him. "Yeah.. Just urmm.." He walks up to me and tugs my shirt over my head. I glare at him and flush in embarassment. I notice something flash in his eyes, but it quickly disappears. I act like that didn't happen. I've been hiding these feelings for years I can hide them for the rest of my life..

"Stupid! Don't!" I push back from him. I pull down my jean shorts to reveal my splatter paint bikini bottoms.

"Yeah.. You really need to stop being so negative about your body. It's nice.." He says to me smirking. I roll my eyes and grab my shirt from him to throw onto the chair. I plant my toes on the end of the pool then jump in.

-Skyler's POV-

"Yeah.. You really need to stop being so negative about your body. It's nice." She rolls her eyes, grabs her shirt from me, and passes me. Her scent fills my nose. It's sweet like her. It's like strawberries. It takes everything in me to not grab her and make her mine. I want to kiss her and make love to her. I want to tell her about me being a vampire. I want to tell her about me being the King of all vampires.

And her being my soulmate.

But I can't.. Not now.. I don't think she'll ever forgive me for not telling her..

She doesn't even love me..

But I don't think I can hold it in anymore..

-Back to Avonlea's POV-

I swim back up from the cool water, but an hand grabs my ankle pulling me back down. I turn and see Sky smiling at me. I kick his chest pushing him away and swim up feeling my lungs burn for air.

My head breaks the surface and I take a big breath. I love the water. It's so relaxing. Arms wrap around my waist and I turn to see Sky staring at me. His face is close to mine. His chocolate brown eyes captivate mine. I can't look away.. I can't even move if I want too..


"Shh.." He says. I just stare at him. He starts to lean in but then stops.

Please kiss me, I plead in my head. Please. God! I shouldn't be saying these things! He can never like someone like me!

He pulls back and dips down into the water. I sigh and lift myself onto the edge of the pool. I get up and grab my towel and wrap it around myself. I shouldn't have let him get so close.. He doesn't like me like that. He can't.

I go into Sky's house and my best friend, Ariane (or Ari for short) making out with her boyfriend, Manny. They don't even notice me come in.

"Ahh my innocent eyes!" I yell at them while coverig my eyes. The laugh at me after they pull away. I uncover my eyes to see Ari on Man's lap.

"So.. What happened to the pool fun outside?" Ari asks. I stiffen and my face hardens again.

"Nothing. I'm just gonna head to my room. Alright?" I hide the trace of sadness in my voice. They both nod but Ari gives me a questioning look. I shake my head and head upstairs.

I feel bad for not telling Ari that I love her brother. But it would make things very awkward.

I get to my room. Yes I have my own room. They built another floor for me, Ari, and Sky. We have our own living room too. I go to my room and collapse onto my bed. My room is connected to Sky's room and we share a bathroom thats in between out to rooms. I really don't want to see him. Maybe I'll take a shower.

I go into the bathroom and strip my clothes jumping into the warm shower. I start thinking to myself. Was he about to kiss me? No he wouldn't.. He's not into me like that.. He won't like plain janes.. He only sees me as a best friend.

Then I start crying. Crying hard.


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