Mortal Enemies and Meat Packing Skills

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Random POV

        "Tora," I said out loud, testing the name and how it sounded.

        My brother glared at me with his bright green eyes, "Are you still thinking about that freak? If you haven't noticed, she's sort of our enemy," he said bluntly.

        "But brother, before we defeat her, can't we just~ I don't know," then my mouth rised upwards into a thin smile, "Screw up her life?"

        His eyes softened, "You're such a sadist," he grinned, "Good thing I am too."

        "You know what we should do?" I grinned, "We should bring back her old life, it isn't like they saw proof of a body." I scoffed.

        "I can't believe that good for nothing woman is our mother, at least we take most of our assests from our father," I jumped off the bed and walked over to him after he said this.

        "So true," I purred, "Oh brother, this is why I love you so much." 

        "And I you," he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me in his lips crashing into mine, he bit my bottom lip and I opened my mouth allowing his tongue to explore, I let out a small moan of pleasure.

        When we broke apart I wiped some saliva off of my lip, "Oh brother, I'm going to have to go, I'll be back soon~" I said in a sweet voice, he let go of my body.

        "Have fun," he whispered.

        "You too."

Natsu POV

        I walked around town in my usual outfit, where could I find a nice quality meat shop? When my eyes found my target I walked foward and greeted the shop owner, "Hello, may I have some of your best quality meat?" I asked kindly. (AN: Whoa Natsu, watch your manners or you might actually become a gentleman!)

        He went into the back of his shop and brought out at least a pound of meat, I inwardly drooled at the sight, "Is this good?" he asked, holding it up higher. I nodded viciously.

        He wrapped it carefully using his secret meat packing skills, he brought it over and stared at my face, "Are you in the Grand Magic Games?" he asked, I simply nodded, "Because if you are, you get a 25% discount," I nodded at  this too, "Even if you are the worst team," he muttered.

        I glared at him and was about to just leave the shop, but, I though of the meat and pretended I didn't hear it, I handed him the required money which showed itself on the specially made lacrima and he handed me the meat. 

        As I carried my meat, I made my way back to the hotel, until I bumped into someone, I almost dropped my meat but I dove down and caught it just in time. I glared up at the person who was wearing a cloak with the hood off, but my eyes soften when I saw who it was.

        She had deep chocolate brown eyes and blonde hair that looked like golden silk, her face looked sad and underneath her eyes was red as if she'd spent the whole day wiping away tears. But her scent was like charcoal and lizards.

        I wanted it to be her but I couldn't believe it, she stared me in the eyes and showed signs of hatred before her face loosened up with worry, "Natsu~" she breathed. Then ran away, adding to my doubts, Lucy ran differently. this person had an odd limp and an evil look.

        She isn't my Lucy...

This chapter is short because all the other chapters are short... Sorry, Sorry.

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I was thinking that the brother and sisteraren't blood related, but they look like the picture (that I do not own(all credits go to the artist)) on the side(comp.) on on top (tablet/phone).. (I'm not a perv, this is really what I think they would look like. (Don't judge me!)


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