Chapter 12

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%%%%%%%%%2 weeks later%%%%%

I just got back from the doctor's office, and my foot is healed! I can finally ride! To celebrate, I'm going to take Missy for a gallop. Usually Julie rides and trains Missy, but she's riding Candy Girl and Missy is the only other horse that I can ride. That's okay though, I love Missy! She's such a sweetheart. I have to be quick, though. The vet is coming because Fiona has been acting very strange. Her eating habits are so weird! She finishes her food a few minutes after we give it to her, and she always seems hungry after she eats!

I quickly brushed and tacked up Missy. I put my helmet on and mounted her. I warmed her up, first a walk, then a jog, and finally a lope. Missy is the best western horse I've ever ridden! I dismounted her, and set up three barrels. I got back on, and cantered her around the ring. I did a warm up pattern around the barrels, then finally, we galloped a three-leaf clover pattern. She is so fast! She easily kept her balance around the barrels, and finished the pattern really fast. "Good girl," I said. We did the pattern again, and then I cooled her out. I dismounted, and untacked and brushed Missy. The moment I put her back into the pasture, the vet arrived.

"Hi, how are you Doctor Logan?" My mom asked the vet. "I'm well, how are you?"she replies. "I'm doing good, thank you." "So, let's go take a look at Fiona," Dr. Logan said. "She's in the barn," my mom said. They walked into the barn and went to go see Fiona.

I stayed back because I wanted to see Cowboy. Over the past two weeks, we were able to lead him into one of the small grassy paddocks so he could graze. He was so happy to be out of the round pen and into the paddock. When he got in, he ran around and stretched his legs. After his little run, he started to graze. I was so happy for him! I walked up to the field and watched him graze peacefully.

It's amazing how a terrified, scarred horse like Cowboy was able to become a calm, peaceful, and obedient (well, most of the time!) horse. After hearing stories about him from my mom before he came here, I was really nervous that we wouldn't be able to help him, and we would have to put him down. But now, I'm 100% sure he will be adoptable. My mom said that once, a man walked into the paddock that Cowboy was in, and he almost got trampled! I couldn't believe it. My mom said she thinks it was a man who beat, starved, and abandoned him. It's pretty common for an animal to not like men. At least he's safe now, and nobody can hurt him.

When Cowboy realized I was here, he trotted up to me and nickered. "Hi sweet boy," I said. I fed him a carrot, then petted his face. I scratched his neck, and he leaned into my hand. "Oh, are you itchy boy?" I asked. I started scratching his neck, and then he stuck his nose out and started flapping his upper lip. I laughed. "Silly horsey," I laughed. He started grazing again, and I sat down in the grass in front of his paddock, and made a dandelion necklace. I started to get sleepy, even though it was a little after 3:00. "Bye Cowboy," I said. He looked up at me and pricked his ears. It was his own way of saying, "See ya later."

When I got back to the barn, the vet was already gone. Mom walked out, and she looked a bit stressed. "Is something wrong with Fiona?" I asked. "No, she's just fine. But we found out why she was eating so much," she said. "Why?" "Fiona is pregnant. She's going to have a foal."

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