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Aether -
third person pov.

" Aether have you seen the news?" Lumine asked her brother who was sitting at the shared kitchen table they had.

" yeah I have Lumine..." Aether said while biting his lip and holding onto the table tightly. " how could he... with barbatos too"  he mumbled while sighing and rubbing his head.

" well maybe it's a misunderstanding you know." Lumine said trying to make her brother think of something else.
" you should call him, you have been avoiding him and I think you should call to talk about this." Lumine finished while pointing at the tv that had the news on.

-the news
" Recently a paparazzi had seen famous singer / g-tuber Barbatos and a streamer named xiao  with  a few other popular people like all so hot model zhongli and the iconic rapper kaeya yesterday at the top 5 star bar owned by beidou and her girlfriend Ningguang. The paparazzi that came to us said that barbatos and xiao left together after barbatos yelled at all the paparazzi's to leave the bar. Are xiao and barbatos dating? What happened to xiao and famous singer Aether? We'll try and keep y'all updated with the news after this ad about wine ."

Lumine sighed and turned the tv off while staring at her disappointed brother. " I'll call him" Aether said before getting up and leaving the kitchen.


third person pov-

Xiao opened his eyes and saw a dark ceiling and a soft dark pair of covers over him. His mind was still trying to comprehend where he was but what really confused him was the soft sounds coming from the male beside him.

When golden eyes landed on fluffy -messy dark blue fading to black almost hair that had usually two braids but now only had nappy aqua tips. the male that was making all the soft breathing noises just so happened to be The Barbatos or now known as venti.

" wait... what the fuck" xiao said before jumping up out of the bed because of a loud sound which so happened to be his phone. As he grabbed his phone and answered the young male walked out of the sleeping singers room and to the open living area.

" ... h- hello?"  He cleared out his throat before sighing and looking down to see that he still had his clothes on from yesterday. " it didn't happen " he mumbled before pausing at the voice that came through the phone.

"xiao.. what do you mean it didn't happen? I saw it on the news and so did my sister. I bet everyone things bad about me and my sister. How could you do this to me and get caught."  Aether  yelled through the phone while frowning and tapping his foot lightly to calm himself down.

" Aether calm down and tell me what you are talking about. I just woke up and I didn't do anything." Xiao complained while rolling his eyes and sitting down on the couch.

"HOW COULD YOU SLEEP WITH BARBATOS WHILE WE ARE DATING YOU PIECE OF SHI-... oh hey jean." Aether said before looking up to his manager who was now standing right in front of Aether's and Lumine's shared hotel room.

Xiao looked at his phone confused while looking around the room. " what the fuck Aether I didn't sleep with Barbatos. Who told you that shitty ass lie ?" Xiao said while biting his inner cheek and clenching his fist.

"The news ass wipe . I gotta go so I'll talk to you later." The male said before hanging up and looking at jean. " is it time for my model session with that other male model?" Aether asked while placing his phone away in his pocket and putting it on silent mode.

" watch your mout- " before he could finish all he could hear was a beep meaning the call had ended. The young gamer looked at his phone and then at the tv. " what news?" He asked himself while going to g-tube to look for the latest news page.


third person-

" yeah it is so go get ready and once done we'll talk about the xiao thing. I have people working to get it down before it spreads any further. Barbatos manager is also handling it so it should be down soon" jean finished saying while looking at the twin in front of her and giving him a soft smile.

" sorry about all of this though." She mumbled before opening the door for the male and pushing him in the hotel room.

" don't be, it's not your fault anyways. It's xiao's." Aether replied while walking off to his room and getting ready.

-time skip to the modeling location

When jean had opened the car door for Aether he knew he was gonna get bombard with paparazzi and as he expected they all came rushing to him as jean tried to push them away as best az she could.

" Aether have you heard the news ?"

" Do you hate barbatos now?"

" Is xiao cheating on you?"

" Did you guys break up?"

" fuck off it's none of your business." with those words that left the singers mouth came a middle finger with it.

When jean saw this she grabbed the male and pushed him into the building while shutting the doors behind her. " Aether love for gosh sake please don't do that." She whined while watching the male look down at his own two feet.

" they were getting on my nerves. Sorry for saying that though jean." The simple apology was good enough for the female so she nodded and led the male to the stop he needed to be at. Which so happened to be his dressing room.

" hello Aether welcome! I'd like you to get dressed in this for me please." A old looking male said with a mustache and jet black hair. The male had a lot of watches and way too many colors on that didn't go with his original outfit piece. This male was the modeling manager for the session. " chop chop your partner is waiting on you" the male yelled out in an Italian accent.


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