Part 21: Whatever You Do Comes Back To You

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It feels good to upload again! I plan to upload a lot of chapters through September.

Annabeth's POV

Thursday, October 25th - ??:??

How do we deal with this thing? I mean, a ghost, a samurai and it has a sword. Also, the three times I had to hold my skirt down has also proven our theory of this thing using wind. It also acts and moves like a robot...

"Dammit, we can't hit it because of the mask!" Bennett yells as one of his fire blasts is blocked once again by the mask. Brittany's close range combat with her lightning sword went worse. She was almost sent flying when it kicked it's mask in her direction, her alternate sprint is the only thing that saved her.

"It doesn't seem to be remotely attracted to my phantom skill." Clare says, disappointed that her saviour of a skill isn't doing much. "Whenever it attracts one of the projectiles from that thing, it simply destructs from the force..."

"What if we freeze it!?" Carson yells as he uses his magic reflecting skill once again, sending the wind slashes back to the mechanical samurai. However that didn't even do anything, proven by Reagan when she sent a tornado swirling fire and electricity at it, yet it was only affected by the fire-electrical explosions.

"Get close to him so his mask stays split in two, then freeze it!" Kimmy yelps shortly after finishing her sentence, ducking to avoid another wind slash sent in her direction.

Clarence and Morgana enter their alternate sprints, moving quickly towards the samurai, only jumping out when their elements could touch the two halves of the mask. They both jump back and run away as our enemy prepares to summon another wind blast.

Before Reagan could blow the two elements together, Leah jumps out of her alternate sprint. Ah, she's learning, she caught this guy off-guard. The energy of light blew Clare's water and Morgana's ice effects together, ultimately freezing the halves of the masks. The marionette samurai swings his sword at her, but Kimmy's psychokinetic pink and blue armor forms around Leah, shielding her from the sword.

"Jesus she's brutal!" Preston says, forming yet another ice spear, since that is our only good chance of close combat. Britt's sword is too short of a weapon for that sadly. Leah jumps back out of her alternate sprint behind us, and it's obvious that close encounter activated her adrenaline rush.

The halves of the mask fall onto the ground, leaving this monstrosity without any level of defense. I activate my Jumper ability, and start dashing towards the samurai. As predicted, he went on to shift closer, but his swing miscalculated...

It slashes at air, I'm all the way up.

"My eyes are up here, don't look at me you murderous jerk!" With that, I send a Heat Wave going straight for it. The samurai was knocked back into the stone gravestones behind it.

"Fire beats metal." I say as I gracefully land, holding my skirt down of course. "That is what we're here for!" Leah says, as if trying to finish the fight off, sending a pillar of light to descent from the sky, blowing flames around before disappearing.

"He's dead finally..." Carson says with a sigh. Kimmy shakes her head.

"Not yet, here it's safe to say that you have to stab them a few times after they 'die' to make sure they're actually dead..."

To support that statement, two identical transparent ghostly shapes of that samurai come to life. One is light blue, just like ice, and the other is green like wind is supposed to be.

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