And We Live A Crazy Life.

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"Come on, guys. Let's gooooooo." I said impatiently.

Today, we were going out and getting pets.

Like. A dog. And a cat. Maybe two.

We were supposed to be leaving, like now, but some people-coughtheboyscough- are taking forever to become pretty. After about 10 minutes, they finally came down the stairs. Harry, myself and the kids took the Titan and the others took a different vehicle. Poor Liam had to be left behind, but we wouldn't be out too long.

We were going to humane society, adopting some animals that needed a chance, not ones that would definitely have one. About 20 minutes later, we pulled into the parking lot, and walked inside. A lady took us back to the dogs. I had always wanted a larger dog. I saw one that took my interest right away.

"Who's this little guy?" I asked, bending down infront of his stall.

"Great Pyrenees. Someone brought him in when they were exploring an abondoned property. He and the husky next to him came in together. Different calls, but they both get along great. Practically inseperable.

"Niall?" I looked to him.

He was quiet for a few seconds. "Guys?" he asked, looking around. Everyone gathered around, looking at the two pups in front of us. We all looked at each other, and silently agreed.

"We'll take them." I said, smiling at our new pups. I stood back up, and looked to a stall that seemed empty. I walked over to it, and found a pitbull. Often a breed I heard bad stories about. "What's her story?"

"Abused and abandoned. She may just live out the rest of her life here. No one wants a somewhat older dog." she said, looking sad. I stood for a few seconds, and followed my brother out to where the cats were.

Harry and Louis and their cats.... I'll never understand.

I was completely oblivious while they chose some random cats, probably 4 or 5. I just couldn't get my mind off the pitbull I saw.

We checked out our animals, and loaded them into the back of the Titan. The back was covered, so they wouldn't be jumping out the back. I stood in front of the truck, the boys staring at me.

"Jewels? You okay?" Harry asked.

I looked up at him. "I'll.....I'll be right back."

I walked back in. "Excuse me?" The woman who had helped us came up to me.


"The pitbull. I want to take her out of here, too."

"Three dogs and five cats? Are you sure? I mean--"

"I'm sure. You said she may live out the rest of her life here because she's the only older dog. She doesn't deserve that. I want to take her home."

She stared at me with amazement. "Okay. Let's do it." She went into the back, and came back out with a light brown pitbull with some white in the chest. She handed me the red leash, and I signed the check out forms. "She's all yours."

"Thank you." I said, smiling widely.

"No, thank you. I've always worried about her,, she can live like a dog should."

We smiled at each other one last time, and I walked outside with my new pitbull. She seemed quite timid, not quite used to human contact, but she trusted me, I felt.

"Jewels, really? A third one?" Niall questioned me.

"She's never going to have the chance to live a normal life if I don't take her now. She deserves it, after the hell she's already lived." I bent down, scratching her behind the ears, then lifting her up into the back of the Titan. I took off her leash, opened the windows of the covering and closed up the back. "Besides. I'll be the main caretaker. At least when you guys are gone. And it'll be company for Liam while he sits on the couch."

"Alright. What ever you think is right."

"Niall. It's like Simon giving you guys the chance to be One Direction. If he hadn't done that for you, who knows if you ever would've gotten the chance again. No one wants a dog that's already grown up a little bit."

He looked at me with a newfound understanding. "Alright. I think she'll fit in just fine." he said smiling.

"Alright. Let's get them all home." I got into the drivers seat, and followed the car with CatBoys home. Niall and Harry switched off so Harry and Lou could marvel at their new kittens.

"I think we've come a long way since you found out you were pregnant. It's been a long...extremely hard journey, but.. I think everything is back to normal." Niall said.

"Feeling sentimental, brother?" I joked.

"No, i'm serious. We almost lost you, we almost lost the twins. And you, almost lost Harry."

"You're right. But, let's not think about that. Because we're here. In the present. And in the driveway. You grab the kids, I'll grab the dogs." He nodded, and Sarah got out, getting Jr., leaving Niall to get Darcy. I lifted the pitbull out of the back and set her down. She didn't run anywhere. Just kinda sat there. The two pups got all gung ho and jumped out, following the trail of boys insinde the house. I looked down at the brown dog beside me, who looked back up at me.

"I'm gonna call you... Keely." I walked towards the door, and looked back when  was about 10 feet from her. Scared to move, probably. "Come on." I smiled at her, patting my legs. She came to me, and I petted her, leading her into the house.

3 Hours Later, Harry

"Alright, Jewels, we're leaving."

"Alright. Say hi to Simon for me." 

I kissed her and walked out the door. We had a meeting today, just basic stuff. Figured a release tour. Took about 20 minutes to get to the meeting.

"Hey, Uncle Si." we ll said, happy to see him.

"Hello boys. How are you?"

We all gave our own responses, talked about how we had just picked up some pets to add to the family.

"Well, we do need to go over a release tour for Take Me home.."

We took a about two hours to work a schedule, picking and choosing we wanted to go to. Some we had already been to, some that will be new.

We headed home, but found Sarah wandering around out front. We all went up to her, getting her attention.

But. We didn't know sign language very well, so she had to dumb it down for us. She tried many signs, but we couldn't understand. Fainlly, she remembered something. She made bend down a little, then grabbed the necklace I was wearing from Juliet. She pointed at it. Vigorously.

"I'm assuming she means soemthing about Juliet." Niall said. Then Sarah laid on the ground.

Niall had her look at him and spoke slowly. "Juliet is on the ground?"

She nodded, and Niall ran into the house. We followed him in, wondering what the heck is going on. We saw him behind the couch, and sure enough, Juliet was o nthe floor.

"She must have passed out or something."

We heard a growling, coming from the pitbull that had curled up to Juliet after she passed out. I started petting her, hoping to calm dog.

"We have to get her to the hospital." Niall said, holding his limp sister in his arms.

"You and I will go. You guys stay here with the kids." I said. they all nodded, and Niall and I rushed to the emergency room.

They took her back, and within an hour, she was laying in a bed again. Blood being tested, and she had an MRI done. Niall and I sat in her room, listening to nothing but the monitors beep and the light quietly buzzing. A doc walked in after about 45 minutes.

"What going on?" Niall asked. "Why'd she pass out?"

"We believe it is because there is a tumor pressing on her brain. The pain would have been building, and when it finally got bad enough, her brain shut down to relieve some pain and swelling."

"You mean..." I started.

"Yes, her cancer has come back."

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