Baby bird~

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Yandere Dreamswap dream x male reader


Narrator's pov

This thing kept appearing in the humans dreams always close enough to see but not enough to talk to them. And even when the human woke up they would see them scaring and confusing the human. But the more dreams the human had the more and more the entity was able to break free to where the human resided.

eventually it broke free from its reality and came to the humans realm in search of its lover.


Y/n's pov

Waking up from another dream I grabbed my head in pain. Getting up I began to get ready for the day and got in the shower. After 20 minutes I got out wrapping a towel around me and went to grab my clothes only for them to be gone from where I put them.

walking out and to my room there was a pile of folded clothes colored yellow,blue,black, and a tiny bit of white. Confused I put them on and went to a mirror to look at what I just put on and it wasn't half bad.

About to leave I noticed that something was out of my window. But as I walked closer to it looked like a skeleton. A very familiar one at that. Then it disappeared.Ignoring it I walked out the door and headed to the store.

On my way to the store I kept seeing the skeleton and my only thought was. (Why did it look so familiar?)

Finally getting to the store I grabbed the things I needed and began paying for it. Walking out with bags in hand I saw it again only this time near my car. Getting to my car it stared at me as I spoke.

"Look I don't know why you've been following me for the past hour but you need to stop before I contact the police!" The thing didn't respond it kept staring at me with a yellow hue upon his face as if it was looking for my soul.

"You look so adorable in my clothes darling~" taken aback I looked at them confused and then only realized how similar both of our clothes were. With a sudden appearance of a sword and a stab into my car destroying the engine.

"Hey what the fuck was that for!" I snapped at them before being pulled against my waist and into their arms. "You know who I am just look at me~" looking them up and down with anger only to realize now that he looked so familiar.

He was from my dreams.

"How? How are you here?" "You are the reason why darling~" They purred in delight before taking flight making me cling onto him for fear life. They landed in a forest far from any human life.

"Now y/n you belong to me~ and now you won't be leaving me~" They said moving his hands in a weird motion and out opened something. Then grabbing me again I was pushed through it with them following.

Looking around it was the same area of my dreams. I was then kissed suddenly but it only lasted a few seconds as fear returned in my eyes as their eyes had lust within them.

"My baby bird~"

I hope you guys enjoyed this
Lukielu out
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