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Hello there! I've been reading a lot of stuff on here and want a place to spam my thoughts 

So I'm here to read and review uncompleted stories by writers who are new to Wattpad and don't currently have a lot of attention.

The aim is to provide some feedback and genuine reactions, and to encourage the writers to keep writing, knowing that their story is being read and enjoyed. 

Feel free to add your own reviews in the comments. Maybe even team up with someone and review each other's work - there's an idea.  

If you want a review from me (or I guess someone else) put your story in the comments. I should mention I'm probably gonna focus on fantasy stuff because I'm just more into it and it's the genre I've been writing in.

I'm not planning on being overly negative in these reviews but if you want me to roast your story just gimme permission and I'll do it lmao. 

Reviews will be spoiler-y or spoiler-free depending on what I feel like but I'll mention which one it is for each review. 

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