ch.5-School perfect!

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 *Authors note*
Im sorry that there where not parts before but hey this is my first book on wattpad.Im sorry for the inconvenience for not being able to read chapter's 1-4 because they are private. If you want to read those chapter's please follow me on Wattpad.I did not put the first part as private the site did it itself not me.In other words I have nothing to do with it being private!




After all the weirdness that went on at home I thought it would be best if I actualy went to school.(wow first time I said that!)

      I got to school and went to my locker and caught up with one of my friends Alexis.
She said "well happy birthday Milly and what are you going to do after school for your birthday"

I said "Alexis I have noo clue right now my family is going through a family thing"
We walk closer to our 1st per.

She repyles "well i would like to take you to the mall tomarrow is that even possbal Milly?"

I respond "wellllll I dont think Im taking a vacation for my birthday"
I lied I just didnt want to go to the mall and chance her finding out about my secret.That would be disastoious!

    I meen I can trust her but I just found out I was a mermaid today!!
I plane to tell her about me maybe not my family but I will tell her about me edvetualy!

          I sat down as the bell rang.
That means it was time for science uh.......

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