Amzy's pov

I was lying on my bed thinking about papa and maa ! I was missing them so badly ! Coz i just remember how we celebrate's my b'days ! Maa's cake ! Papa's surprise gifts ! I unlocked my phone and went to my phones gallery ! I was looking through maa papa's photos ! Then i saw the time its 12 am ! I hurriedly went to my balconay ! And saw khala's house all the lights are off ! Then i remember how can they remember about my b'day !

I closed my eyes wind hit my face softly ! Then i felt my room's door open ! I turned around to see ! I thought its ruksana! I went back from my balcony open the lights of my room and the suddenly everyone scream SURPRISEEEEEEE !

shehry was holding a chocolate cake ! Khala khalu hugged me tightly ! Maha kissed my cheeks ! And its sain's turn ! I hugged him tightly! He hugged me back ! I broke the hug and saw his face ! He was smiling ear to ear ! Shehry put the cake on my bed ! I sat at the front of the cake ! Shehry light up the candles !

I closed my eyes ! And wished

Ya Allah shehry ko hamesha mere sath aise rahe ! Hum sb khush rahen aur papa maa bhi yahan aa payen !

I blow the candles everyone start sing happy b'day ! I looked up at shehry's face he was smiling ! And i fell again for him ! I cut the cake and took a small piece out! I gave it to khala first then khalu ! They eat then i strech my hand towards maha ! Now i was confuse to gave the cake to shehry first or sain?

Sain ko khila deti hun kyun k he always helped me !

I gave the piece to sain he eat and broke a piece from it gave it to me ! Then i gave it to the shehry! He eat the cake ! My finger slightly touched his lips! Fireworks start blowing in my stomach ! Then the doors bell ring ! Sain went to see ! I saw mona and atif coming !

Mona ran up to me and hugged the life out of me! And said "sorry amzy i'm late but akeli aa nai sakti thi aur atif kisi kam main phans gaya tha! Butt happy b'day amzyyyyyyyyyyyy ! "

"Thanks monaaaayyyy ! Its perfectly okay but " i turned to everyone and asked "ap sb ko kaise pata its my b'day? "

"Emm shehry told us !" Mona replied and i turned to shehry and asked "tmhen kaise pata meri b'day ka? "

Shehry's pov

She asked me about my b'day should i tell her i called khala jaan to talk and she told me that its her b'day ? I think i should !

"Wo umm khala jaan ki call ayi thi unho ne bataya tha ! " i told her ! She blushed and turn her face away ! I was to glad to see her smiling ! She was happy just because of me ! And this is the best feeling in the world !

She went to the kitchen to divide the cake for everyone ! She left her phone on her bed everyone went down to the living area ! Her phone rang ! I took the phone in my hand and saw the caller ID its zayan calling !

Shehry call kaat dey aur block krdey use! Abhi tou usne hansna khil khilana shuro kiya aur ye agaya beech main hansi aur Amzy k ! Mere aur Amzy k ! But kia pata Amzy ko psnd na aye tou humari dost pe effect pare ga! Magr nahi kiya tou uska mood khrb hojaye ga! Main ise beexh main nahi ane dunga !

I cut the call and blocked his num! And place her phone back ! And went down ! She gave me the plate of cake ! Everyone was eating quietly ! When maha shout "gift opening time " amzy noded and start opening the gifts !

She firstly open mama's gift and her jaw dropped open ! Because

Amzy's pov

I opened khala's gift ! My jaw dropped open and its a hand made red sweater ! I just screamed so loud coz i liked it so much ! I hugged khala so tightly ! Then i opened the khalu's gift ! It was a black coat for me !

Maha gifted me chocolates! Mona and ati gifted me branded sun glasses ! It was sain's turns i opened his box it was a pair of traditional ear rings ! I loved it ! Then i turn to sain he was sitting at the sofa i hugged him ! "Thank you sain these are so beautiful " .

"You welcome amzy ! " he said and smile widely then i opened ruksana's gift ! It was a red button up plain shirt ! I just went upto her and kissed her cheek ! Shehry 's gift ! My heart beat got uneven ! The butterflies were flying wildly in my stomach ! I tore the paper and saw a golden elegent anklet ! I smiled widely and looked up at shehry 's he had a tense look at his face but when he felt like i'm looking at him he smiled weakly !

Kia chupa rahe ho shehry ? Kia hai tmhare dil main ?

Maha was sleeping in khala's lap when khala speak "mere khayal se ab chalna chahiye its 1 in the morning subha bht kam hai kyun k mona beti k engagement hai ! " everyone noded ! Pick maha in his arms and khala followed khalu and went to their house! Sain and shehry was about to leave when i hold shehry's wrist to stop him !

He turned around towards me! I weakly smiled and hugged him ! I hugged the life out of him ! I was so happy to have him in my life! I whisper in his ear "thanks shehry ! Thank you so much ! You make me feel special ! And its my soo best so ever b'day ! "

"No need ! " he said and then i broke the hug ! And he went to his house! I turned around saw mona smiling ! "What??? " i asked her

"Nothing just looking at a beautiful couple " she said and chuckle

"Right now we are not dating ! So we are not a couple mona baby !" I said and she hufffed a lil and start giggling . then atif asked me up "amzy you turned 18 tou tm drive wagaira license k bina krti thin? "

"Emm actually mere documents main main 19 hui hun ab ! But in reality i'm 18 now ! " i said and he just smiled and said "i think hume chal chahiye mona! " they went to there house and i laid on my bed and start thinking

Tmhare ate hi zindagi main khushiyan bhar gayi shehry! Kb kaise sb kyun huwa kuch nahi pata! Bss tmhara khamoshi bhara pyaar hi mere liye kaffi hai ! Main khush hun tmhare sath ho k tmhare pass ho k shehry !

I broke from my thought when i heard my phone rang up ! I checked the caller ID and its asim!

Amzy : a.salam kaise ho asim?

Asim : i'm good hows you ? Btw happy b'dayyyyy motiiiii !

Amzy : thank you ashiiiimmmmm ! But please ab mjhe moti na bolo !

Asim : i don't care tm hamesha meri moti rho gi !

Amzy : awww mela pala shaa bhai !

Asim : meli pali shi behan ab so jao its 2 in the morning !

Amzy : okay Allah hafiz and take care asim !

Asim : Allah hafiz and same  ya amzy !

Then cut the call and before i could know i drove in to heavy sleep !

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