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Warning: this chapter is smt special, y/n is a male this time, just to say that before you start reading, now have fun!

Today is our one-year-anniversary and I bought a special present for you.
I knock on your door, waiting for you to open.
We share a kiss and tight hug, before I step inside and walk up the stairs into your room.
I sigh as I let myself Fall into your soft sheets and pull the little package out of my bag.
I hand it over to you.
"I hope you like it my love", I smile and wait for your reaction.
Your eyes widen and your fave turns bright red as you open the present and throw the paper to the ground.
It's a collar with matching leash and handcuffs, decorated with silver ornaments and red velvet.
A grin is on my face as I step behind you and grab the collar.
"My puppy needs a new collar, don't ya think?"
Your breath stops for a hot second as I wrap the collar around your neck, tight enough to make you choke.
I close it properly and you turn around.
The moment I want to pull you into a kiss, you stop me with your hands on my shoulders.
"I also have a present, mommy. Just wait on the bed for me."
Your smile is naughty as you grab the handcuffs and a bag from your desk and disappear into the bathroom.
And so I sit back on the bed and wait for you to come out again.
My phone is my best friend in that time and I flinch as I hear a knock on the door.
I turn around and my breath stops as I see you standing in the door frame.
You're wearing the set I just gifted you, the handcuffs around your wrists and the leash on the collar.
But that's not what makes me so horny right now.
"My sweet little boy, you really remembered? I'm so proud of you~"
You blush and are not able to look into my eyes properly.
Your thighs rub against each other as you walk over to me and let me take a look at you again.
My mouth starts to water, as my eyes move over your whole body, extra slow.
Embarrassment shoots into your face and you pull down the skirt of the beautiful maid dress you're wearing.
The thigh high socks Form perfectly around Ur legs and give them a beautiful shape, the ruffled dress looks really expensive and is made out of a similar material as the collar and the handcuffs.
"You look so hot my good boy~", I moan into your ear, exited to make me ride you.
My hand grabs in between the handcuffs, pulling you on the bed where u lay on your stomach.
My hand slides under your skirt, pulling it up and revealing your ass and your growing dick.
I tickle your back, making you moan as my nails push deep into your skin.
Within a short moment I take the clip on the handcuffs and slide it on the metall pole in the head of your bed, making you stretching your arms forward and pushing your ass into the air.
I start satisfying your dick from behind, my hand moving over the sticky tip and tapping it.
Soft moans crawl out of your mouth, muffled into the pillow.
"Are you ready puppy?", I ask you with a grin.
Not able to talk you just nod your head and wait for the good feeling.
I remove my shirt and pants, showing that I'm already wearing the beloved strap on around my waist.
Your face pressed into the sheets you wait for that soft dick to push inside your needy ass.
But before I do that I just press my hips against you, leaning over and making you feel my naked boobs through the back of the dress.
I kiss your neck and grab the leash, pulling your head back as I push into you, making you moan out load and begin for more.
I start slow, still holding your back with the leash as if I'm riding rodeo.
My hips grind faster against your ass, as I let go of the leash to wrap my arms tight around your chest and pulling you up, holded back by the handcuffs.
My right hand moves from your chest to the front of your neck, holding your head up while my left hand slides down to your dripping dick.
I start milking you, while still fucking your ass.
The hard moans that come out of your mouth just motivate me to get more aggressive with my movements, just to hear the begging and sobbing from your pathetic face with the watering eyes.
I can feel your dick twitching in my hand, and so I pull out and turn you around so you lay on your back and I can look into your blushing and sweating face, drooling all over like the dog you are.
Your eyes locate directly on my boobs, making you drool even more.
"Mommy~", you beg as you see my smiling face.
"Ow, you're such a worthless little whore, just like an abandoned puppy. God I love you."
A weak smile forms on your face that fades quickly as I shove my silicon dick inside your ass, placing your legs on my shoulders.
I lean forward, grinding my stomach against your dick and making you suffer between my boobs.
Your harsh breath tickles my soft skin, making me moan softly.
Your arms still over your head, chained to the bed you are not able to touch me in any way, that's what I calculated as I was on my way to you.
But u forgot something, the only weapon you're able to use right now.
I shiver in shock as I feel your drool mouth closing around the sensitive skin on my boobs, sucking and licking them with your soft tongue.
I can feel your smile as you hear the moans coming out of my mouth and as you can feel my whole body flinching.
An extra loud moan comes out of me as you bite into my nipple.
"Fuck, that shouldn't feel this good. You're doing great my good boy ~"
That sentence motivates you to suck and bite all over my boobs, just to suck the loudest moans out of my lungs.
But I know how to pay you back.
My hips move back and forth, fucking your ass so hard like never, distracting you from the boobs on your face and just making you drool and moan into my skin.
Your back archers as your dick twitches from the grinding of my stomach and your sticky cum flows onto your stomach.
Your moans are turning into hard breathing as I pull out and wrap my arm around your back, pulling you up to me to melt into a hot kiss.
"I love you my boy, happy anniversary."

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