Gaara's POV

   I'm worried about Suzume. I don't want her to go to the chunin exams. I know Temari and Kankuro are ready... but I can't have something happen to Sazume.. She is my little sister. I will protect her with my life. I something happens to her, I will kill the person responsible, if it's the last thing I do. 

Suzume's POV

   Gaara has been sitting there for a while... I wonder what he's thinking about. I know what I'm thinking about- the chunin exams... I don't want to let any one of my siblings down.

   "Alright. Let's get moving!" Kankuro slung Crow, his puppet, over his shoulder and departed from the house.

   I wonder how long we are going to be away from home... I like the house. Our father is the fourth Kazekage, so he gave us this house, and that's it. Realistically, the reason why we actually have this house from Father is because of Temari and Kankuro. Ever since Gaara and I were really little, Father hated us. Shukaku made Gaara stronger and more dangerous, the sand spirit's thirst for blood intensifying. But Gaara only longed for one thing- love. All he had for some time was Yashamaru, our uncle.

* * *

   I was separated from my brother when I was three. That was when he began to kill. Father at first had Gaara and I in separate rooms in the same building. We saw each other for short time spans each day. Eventually, Yashamaru discovered something about my brother. If I am injured, and I bleed, Gaara senses it, thanks to Shukaku, and he can trace it back to me, even from many miles away. So once that happened, I was isolated from anyone, anything, in a secret location somewhere in the Sand Village, guarded by highly-ranked jonin . They knew that if I got a cut, Gaara would destroy anything in his path to find and rescue me.

   Everything went downhill from there. We both lived alone, without love. Gaara had Yashamaru, but it wasn't the same. After some time, I was hearing news about how my brother had killed someone. I couldn't help but blame Shukaku for making Gaara go through hell like this, even though he is, deep inside, a kind, gentle person.

   That news was nothing compared to the Yashamaru incident. He was ordered by Father to kill Gaara. Yashamaru said terrible things, and attacked him. He said told Gaara that he didn't love him, nobody did but his "weak, foolish sister". Yashamaru ended up trying to kill Gaara, but killed himself instead. That meant both of us were alone.


   I look at us now, and I realized how much we have endured together. From being young children longing for a purpose to being Shinobi ... It's amazing.

   "What is the matter?" Gaara tried to make eye contact with me, because I found myself staring at my feet as we walked. My head snapped up. He had a worried expression.

   "Oh..." I paused a moment. "Just... thinking."

   "Hm. I understand. Are you nervous about the exams?"

   I glanced up, meeting his gaze. "How did you know?" I questioned.

   He searched for the right wording, looking down. "I just... know."

   We remained silent for what seemed like forever, walking through the sand, making our way towards Konoha.  once we approached some trees. Kankuro decided to break the silence.

   "If we want to make it on time. then we better pick up the pace. If we don't make it on time, we'll have to wait another year."

   "Right," Temari agreed, before taking off into the thick foliage.

   I was about to begin running, but then I felt sand grasp me from behind. I turned my head to see Gaara. Some of his sand was out of his gourd, and it was carrying me, for a reason I don't know. He must have read the look on my face.

   "You need to conserve your energy," He stated flatly. I nodded, letting myself go limp, making it easier on him.

   I must have drifted off to sleep, because I snapped awake. We reached the end of the trees. We had arrived at Konoha. The sand slowly lowered me to the ground, and returned to the gourd.

   After a little bit of walking through the streets, we came across a couple people who also looked like Genin. One kid was short, around Gaara's height, with yellow spiky hair and weird looking whiskers on his face. He was practically bouncing off the walls (but we were outside). He was accompanied by an emo looking kid who had hair that looked like a duck's butt, and was wearing a navy blue shirt with the a symbol on the back. Duck-butt had some chick with pink hair fangirling near him, and it was creeping me out.

   "Hey, why are you  four here?" One of them asked.

   "The chunin exams, you didn't know?" Kankuro said.  

   "The WHAT?" The hyper kid questioned.

   Hmm. This is going to be interesting.

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