Icing on the Cake

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Leoni's POV
After the meeting with the Elders and Imelda, Logan and I made our way to the pack kitchen... Logan, being the large Alpha wolf that he was and being under quite a bit of pressure with his pack and Luna under imminent attack, sought solace in food.

Imelda had informed us briskly that she needed to leave to put together the requisite potions before she turned on her heel and span rather stylishly as she teleported herself out of the packhouse. Pop!

I felt somehow that at least part of the worry my vision had brought had dissipated now - we had Imelda working with us and a plan was in motion.

Walking with Logan and thinking about Imelda's dramatic exit I couldn't help but ask... "Do you think I could perfect that spinny vanishing act that Imelda just did?"

Logan chuckled. "I don't know Babe. Out of the two of us you are the only one who can teleport so..."

"Okay... stand back a bit then." I giggled and released his hand... "Tell me if it looks like what she did!"

I promptly turned myself around and threw my arms in the air before focussing on the other end of the corridor and teleporting.

Unfortunately, however, my experiment didn't go as smoothly as I imagined as in adding the spin I had inadvertently made myself rather dizzy so when I reappeared several feet away from Logan I promptly toppled over. My face hit the solid wooden floor with a 'Oof'!

Logan immediately covered the steps between us and was reaching out to me... panic in his voice, "Leoni! What happened?? Are you hurt?"

I pushed myself off the floor and felt Storm already working to mend the bruise on my cheek... Logan swept me up into his arms. His aura rang with concern. I could feel my face flushing.

"Arg, Logan I'm fine honey. I just bruised my face and my dignity..."

Logan paused for a millisecond while he pieced together what had happened and realised that I actually hadn't been attacked by an invisible witch (that seemed to be Tomorrow's special treat...) then burst out into laughter. I looked up at him irritated.

"It's not Funny..." I said pouting at him.

"Ha - sorry babe... but it is a Bit funny! Maybe just stick to your usual gorgeous style when it comes to teleportation, eh?" He was still chuckling and then reluctantly I joined him. It must've looked pretty hilarious in fairness to anyone watching.

"Okay..." I slapped him playfully on his muscular chest, "but this little incident stays between Us, right Mr Alpha?" 

"Ooh I know better than to get on the wrong side of my little Luna!" Logan chucked again and kissed my lips which were still forming a pout.

He set me down again and I smiled up at him, I was still a bit embarrassed. "Is my face at least healing?"

"It's nearly healed sweetheart. You're as stunning as ever. But... can I try something...?"

I looked up at him questioningly but nodded. He raised his right hand to my cheek ever so delicately. before closing his eyes and suddenly looking like he was struggling with a very tricky math problem... I was about to speak when I felt a light tingling under his touch...

He took his hand away, bent down and looked very carefully at where his hand had been. He then looked me in the eyes and smiled like I had told him Christmas was tomorrow.

"What??" I asked him, I was certainly puzzled by this stage.

"I healed your cheek babe!" Logan said smugly.

I looked at him then felt my cheek. Storm promptly confirmed that it was indeed healed and by Logan.

"Wow - that's pretty neat!" I grinned up at him then giggled, "That will be a very handy gift to have when I have just popped out your pup and need... down there... all fixed up..."

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