Chapter 86: Clove

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When I wake up I'm no longer in the hover-craft. I start to freak out a little and I feel a warm body next to me. 

"Clove, calm down" Cato says holding me close, causing me to jump. Where are we? I look up at him in the dark room and I feel him smile. "You slept through the whole trip so I took you back to our house" he says calmly and I sigh. I grip his muscular arm tightly and use it to pull myself onto him.

"Do you mind if I go watch the Games?" I ask quietly and I feel him shrug. I lean further into his chest and breathe him in. I run my hands down his chest and pull myself off of him. I step into the hall-way and down the stairs quietly and sit on the supple leather couch.

"Can I join you?" Cato asks with a fluffy blanket in his hands. I nod and we snuggle as the Games turn on from break. I curl into his chest and watch the screen half-heartedly. My dad's still alive, sadly, but he seems to be running from something. I smirk and grab for Cato's hand firmly.

"You want something to drink?" I ask boredly and he shrugs. I stand up and head to the kitchen and fill two glasses with ice. I take out a pitcher of lemonade and fill our glasses all the way. "Here you go" I say handing him a drink, then sitting in his lap, covering us with the soft blanket. I watch as my dad trips and whatever's chasing him slowly gets closer  and eventually attacks him. He pulls something out of his pocket quickly and shoots.

"How did he have a gun?" I scream at the screen as the woman falls limp to the ground, bleeding from her chest, He smirks down at her and the score board shows that there are only 2 left now. How was that 'legal'? That woman came so close to winning and she was killed by illegal means.

"Clove sit down" Cato says calmly but it feels like a warning. I lay next to him and rest my head on his chest. I roll over so I'm facing away from the screen and I feel tears well up. 'I can't cry' I chastise myself and pull them back in. 'If he gets back, make him suffer' I tell myself violently.

"Cato?" I ask still facing away from him and the screen. "Why is life so unfair?" I ask and he frowns sadly down at me. He runs his hands through his hair nervously and eventually speaks.

"Because you're too amazing and what ever higher power there is doesn't want you getting cocky" he says smirking but I can tell we're both hurt. I try for a smile and it seems to have cheered him up. "Don't worry, we have each other and Dagger will be back soon" He says happily, where is my baby? I feel even crueler for forgetting about her. 

"Can we got to bed?" I ask sitting up on my elbows. He nods and carries me bridal style, still wrapped in the blanket, up the stairs to our room. He sets me on my side of the bed and walks over to the bathroom slowly. He walks back with only shorts on and I look down at what I'm in. For the first time I realize I'm only in a tank-top and panties. I look back at him and he lays next to me in bed. He curls his huge body around my dwarfed one and we lay there until I fall asleep.

I dream about my dad ending up winning the Games and how I'll kill him. I dream of different evil scenarios until my subconscious chooses the best one. 

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