Chapter 1

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"Stay Classy Y'all! Bye!", I say as my hand covers the lense. Well, that's a wrap for the day. As I finish turning off my camera and plugging it into the computer to download the new video I just recorded, my phone lights up. It's my best friend Nikki. I unlock my phone and stare down at the text message on my screen. "OMG SAM! GO TO YOUTUBE AND SEARCH 7DAYSCOLLAB... NOW!!! YOU WOULD BE PERF FOR THIS!". 7DaysCollab? Huh... well I obey and search it on youtube. My screen starts flashing colors with "7DAYSCOLLAB" in big letters. After that intro, a very attractive guy appears on the screen. I recognize him from somewhere... but I just cant seem to think of where. "Hey guys! It's Connor Franta! Well, welcome to my new collab channel "7DaysCollab"! All of the info for the audition videos are in the down bar below! Hope to see you soon!". Then, the video ends. After reading over the info in the downbar, I'm positive that this is the collab for me. It's perfect. There will be challenges every week, you get assigned a permanent day for every week, and they're looking for funny people that could give the channel a lot of publicity. This is perfect. Before I plug my camera in, I set it back on my tripod. I turn on my lights, fix my hair, and press record. "Hey guys! It's Sam! And this is my audition for the 7DaysCollab!" After going over all of the questions and trying my best to be funny, I end the video. Now, time to edit. As I go to my Mac and start editing, Nikki comes into our dorm room. "Hey! Did you get my text?!" she says as she leans over and grabs a Dr.Pepper from my fridge. "Well, what do you think I'm editing right now?" I say with a smirk. She squeals and gives me a hug. While she sat around drinking her Dr.Pepper, I was hard at work editing. I wanted this to be perfect... I NEEDED this to be perfect. After 3 hours of editing (and a sleeping Nikki on my chair), I finished. Quickly, I threw an empty water bottle at her. She sprung up saying, "What?! What happened?!". "Well," I said, "I finished editi-". Before I could finished, she pushed me out of my chair and pressed play. Once I got up off of the floor, I was picked up off of the floor in a hug. "OH MY GOSH THAT WAS AMAZING!!!" she squealed. As we both kind of had a mini spazz attack/ dance party, we plopped onto my bed out of breath. "You HAVE to make it," she said. "That was...", "Flawless" we both said at the same time, giggling. "Well, I'm gonna hit the sack" Nikki said hopping onto the top bunk. We both said our goodnights and got into bed. Before I went to sleep, I uploaded my video to youtube. "I guess we'll see how 'flawless' it was in the morning" I thought with a yawn. 

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