Chapter 12

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"Wanna go for a walk?" Lauren asked hold her hand out for me.

I grabbed her hand and intertwined it with mine and brought her closer to me as we started to walk. It was now a bit later and the sun as starting to set. As we were walking we stole small stares at each other and just stayed in a a comfortable silence.

"Would you like to talk about it?" Lauren asked me hesitantly as she swayed our hands back and forth.

I stayed silent not really knowing what to say to her.

"Y/N?" She said as she stopped in front of me grabbing both of my hands.

"It was just a shock to see my uncle calling... wanting to talk after everything," I paused taking a deep breathe.

As I did Lauren set her hand on my cheek rubbing it with the pad of her thumb.

"Just after all this time an 'talk'."

"I know haven't through anything like this but I just want you to know I am here for you and that you don't need him." "You don't need to waste your time or energy for even thinking about him." "Babe I know your strong and I love you for that."

I think Lauren then realized what she said and her eyes went wide and her mouth dropped.

Lauren P.O.V:

I just blurted out to Y/N that I loved her. Not that it isn't true it's I just don't want her to think I dropped it on her too quickly. Right as I realized the words slipped through my mouth my face started to heat up and I was even shocked I said it. I looked at Y/N waiting in anticipation to see her reaction

"I love you too Jauregui," she said giving me a smirk.

I sighed in relief. She walked up to me and grabbed both my hands in her hold.

"We better get going, the girls are probably worried," I said.

Y/N just smiled at me and then grabbed my waist throwing me over her shoulder. I squealed at her sudden movement.

"Babe put me down!" I screamed.

"I rather not," she said laughing.

I tried to get out of her grip up failed miserably. Once we got to the house she opened the door with me still hung over her shoulder. Once we reached the living room where the girls were. Y/N threw me on the couch and again I squealed.

"I hate you," I said crossing my arm while pouting.

"No you love me," she said trying to give me kisses on my face.

I then pushed her away before she could continue which she then fell on the floor.

"Pay back," I laughed.

"You win this one Jauregui," Y/N reluctantly gave up sitting down beside me.

"What happened, are you alright?" Ally asked.

Before I could explain Dinah got up. She started rambling profusely.

"Kids will be kids haha right?" Dinah laughed nervously "Don't worry about thos-"

"Dinah," I said trying to stop her but she just kept going.

"Dinah!" Y/N then yelled.

Dinah looked towards her.

"Don't worry it's fine," Y/N said with a small smile.

ANON: I tried to make this as best as I could so I hope you like. Tell me what you think is good and bad and tell me what YOU want.

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