Chapter 15

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(Megan's POV) During the herd of zombies.

Everyone was panicking and we didn't know what to do. Alfie was screaming at everyone to get into the trucks. Most of us managed to get into the trucks, but not everyone made it. My vision was blurry and i had dropped my cracked glasses. "Help!" I screamed. No body answered. I walked out of the truck to see if the glasses were on the floor. "Megan! Get in!" I heard from the back of the trailers. I picked up the glasses that i had found on the floor to see thousands of zombies running at me from about 2 metres away. I didn't know what to do so i just ran into the trees to hide. I tried to stay quiet as they are attracted by sound. I slowly moved back as iwatched the zombies pile onto the closed trailer. Most of the trucks had left by now, but the one with everyone inside of it was just sitting there like it was waiting for christmas. Pop! I heard. The back of the truck had disconnected from the front and Alfie and Sinead drove of. "There getting in!" I said into the walky talky. But there was no reply. After about 2 minutes. "Im sorry!" Alfie replied. I started to cry as i watched my friends get killed. I couldn't watch and i walked away. I had no food and no weapons. I was stranded...

(Sophie's POV) During the herd of zombies.

I saw Alfie screaming at everyone to get into the trucks. I turned my head to see thousands of zombies coming at us. I was panicking. I was really scared, but i felt smart. If i go into the truck with the food inside of it, i will have enough food to last me if the truck doesn't make it out. I ran into the back of the food truck and I hid behind some crates. The doors closed and the truck started to move. I knew i was safe. "Cluck!" I heard a chicken noise coming from behind me. There were two chickens in a cage. We must have been planning to make a farm where ever we were going. There was a small hole in the side of the wall. I could see 2 other trucks but where was the third?

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