Chapter 2- Uncle Louis and Lucky Charms.

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Saturday morning

I opened my eyes slowly.

" Mary had a little laaamb" I heard Amelia's voice sing in the other room. I looked at the clock that was on my nightstand. 6:30 in the morning. Really Amelia? I really needed to sleep more if I was gonna stay awake at work.

I turned around and saw Niall facing me, kinda snoring.

" Niall?" I shook him loose.

" What" He said without opening his eyes.

" Can you wake up to be with Amelia? I really need to sleep if I'm going to be able to go to work" I said.

Niall didn't say anything at first. Then he layed on the back, put his hands on his face and groaned.

" I'll promise to make it up to you" I said and closed my eyes.

" Whatever" Niall said, obviously unpleasant that I woke him up.

I suddenly turned around.

" Honey ! Boxers please...don't want your daughter to see you like this" I said and Niall looked at me like he didn't know what I was talking about. Then he looked down and rolled his eyes.

I smiled to myself and turned around again to close my eyes.

Niall's P.O.V

" Yes yes boxers..." I whispered to myself. I was so tired. We had like the best shower sex last night.  I smiled to myself on my way to Amelia's room that wasn't far away.

" Good morning princess" I said and leaned my head to the door and crossed my hands against my bare chest.

" Hello daddy" She said without looking at me. She was obsessed with that fairy doll, named Vivi.

" Are you and Vivi hungry?" I asked after watching her play for awhile.

" Yes " She said and finally looked at me. She reminded me of me a little bit when I was younger. She had my blue eyes and my prank smile, but Marissa's light brown hair. She stood up and took my hand and together we walked to the kitchen.

" Can I have a lucky charms please" She said as I lifted her up in her chair. I kissed on the forhead.

" Since you asked so nicely" I said and smiled. I grabbed her pink cerial bowl and took out the lucky charms and milk.

" Here you go love" I said and put the bowl on the table and a spoon next to it.

" Thaaank youu" She said and stuck the spoon in the cereal. 

" Daddy might have one too" I said more to myself and did the same. When I sat down and started eating Amelia stopped and looked at me.

"Daddy, you said grandpa and grandma lives in Ireland" She said and peered her eyes.

" Yes?" I looked at her curious. Sometimes she shocked us, when she spoke like a 6 years old, or remembered stuff that kids her age shouldn't remember. We thought that she was a genius until we met some of the kids in the kinder garden that were exactly the same. So wise...Anyways.

" Uncle Loui told me that the elf on the lucky charms box was your uncle because he was a leprechaun and he lived in Ireland...Are you gonna grow a red beared and watch gold pots one day?" She asked like nothing else mattered.

Louis you are such an ass.

" No sweetheart. We are not relative because he's not real. This is just a little man on a cereal box honey...Leprechauns are history legends...they're not real" I said and she nodded her head.

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