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Everything was fucking awesome in my life from the past month, reason well let it remain a mystery for now. Never in my dreams I thought that just being in someone's presence could actually make me feel the emotions I have been trying to supress from past many years now, just a smile could bring my wounded heart back to life but nothing works in my favour I guess, it's been two days I have been frustrated from myself I believe.

It's been two days she has been behaving in a strange way, Not that she has started ignoring me like initial days but still it was a kind of ignorance for me, she has been talking only about work as if she was in a desperate need to be away from me, as if I was affecting her the same way she has been affecting me, True to what I just said I don't know when and why but I feel like I could read whatever was going on in her, as if I could read her soul. Something was bothering her for sure and she was not opening up, actually how could she it has been around a month and a few days from when we met and about a month we started gelling up with each other,and it's definitely not enough time for her to open up but I could feel something was affecting her badly.

Mr.Srivastav, these are the files you asked for in the morning, I think I am done with all the work for today and I must leave Aahnik is waiting downstairs, she said and I smiled hearing the mention of Aahnik but sighed on the tone she was using, I was again Mr. Srivastav from Sidharth, it hurts but why?

Umm Shehnaaz, I spoke hesitantly not wanting to get an outburst I was sensing from two days.

Yes Mr.Srivastav, she spoke still facing towards the door.

I need to talk Shehnaaz, I said finally walking close to where she was standing.

You can speak Mr. Srivastav I am all ears, she spoke clutching the files in her hand together.

Stop it Shehnaaz, aisa kya ho gaya that you are behaving so coldly with me, what have I done baby, I said in anger but my tone softened seeing tears in her eyes

I stepped closer to her but she stepped backwards and I felt a sinking feeling in my heart, I felt kind of disgusted with myself that maybe I have crossed my limits but seeing her in tears I couldn't take it in myself to leave her in this agony, that could burn her within.

Please Stay away Mr. Srivastav I guess I have done my work for today, she said.

Hua kya hai dammit, why am I again Mr. Srivastav from Sidharth, I shouted not able to take it anymore.
She flinched at the tone but kept her stance and decided to speak nothing.

I must leave, Aahnik must be waiting, she said coldly as if suddenly I don't even exist.

Picking up the handset on the table and blocking her between me and the table so that she doesn't escape today before answering I dialled Parth

Parth just check downstairs, Aahnik a kid of 6 must be waiting downstairs, get him in the office and spend time with him till the time I come to pick him up, I asked and was about to cut the call when he spoke something.

Sir but I'm doing something right now, he said.

I didn't asked Parth, you are supposed to do it now, and I repeat take care of him till I come to pick him up, I said in a no more argument tone

Akela hoga? He asked.

Give me a second, I said before muting the call and turning my attention towards Shehnaaz who was looking at me with agony now, but I guess I could take it only because if I don't it will take her peace.

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